Finally…Meet My Clan… (Picture Heavy Post)

I have two pictures of my other Baby Brother…Bob and my beautiful niece Bria…Bria is coming with my parents to see the Baby Lou next month so I will have more recent shots of her soon.

Here is Bobby…The Baby Brother that is a New Orleans police officer. He is a Hero to me as well because he stayed after Katrina and is helping get the City back together. When we were children people always thought we were twins. He looks like me…people always says I look like him because he is way taller so they assume he is the older child. Nope…he stole my look. LOL!!

Here is me….see…he stole my gorgeous looks!! I’M THE OLDER ONE!! He calls me Fruff…and since I come up to his chest he messes with me. Why did I have to get the “short” gene??
Here is Lou…Baby Brother literally. He is another one that is tall for no reason. His children picked up the “tall” gene…Kailyn is gonna be tall and it looks like Baby Lou will probably be tall as well.
Our offspring…Heh Heh…yes we procreated…(although I just can’t wrap my mind around my brothers having kids…EW.)
Here is Bria…she is very tall…very pretty and smart as a whip! Bria is Bobby’s baby girl…
Jay and Lo
The Boy and the The Girl (Jay and Lauren)…my bad seed kids. It is rare that I can get them to stand together long enough to take a picture together…
Baby Lou
Kay and Baby Lou…Both of them are my babies. I was stunned when I realized that Baby Brother had children…the only thing I kept saying is “Look what you did!”
Amazing…when did we grow up? I wish I still had the pictures of us as kids. There is one where all three of us were together snapped during a brief moment when we stopped playing outside. Time passes by so fast….
So…there it is…all the children and their children.  Momma …see how we have grown?  🙂
I need to workout…I’ll be back later…
Oh yeah…I will definitely post pictures of our “better halves” later.  I have a beautiful picture of Kellie that I need to get off my camera and a couple of my husband that I need to post.  So be expecting a picture heavy post soon…



  1. Robin says:

    It is amazing…Bria could be my child! The Genes in our family are very strong. Baby Lou looks just like my brother when he was a baby.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Lady Rose for the compliment…I try to take good pictures and I manage to achieve it every once in a while. 🙂

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