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The Shock…

…has worn off.  The dinner was delicious!!  I was stunned!  What did my kids make??  Chicken and Beef kabobs marinated in a red pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice and two cheese fettuccine Alfredo.  I kid you not…these are the same kids that act like they are allergic to the kitchen.  My son made the two cheese Alfredo (he is pasta king I guess) and my daughter made the kabobs.  I had a little of the fettuccine since my son was sitting there watching me taste it.  It was perfectly seasoned and very creamy.  The pasta was cooked perfectly (he stood there and watched the timer intently…no way was he deviating from the time on the box) measuring cups in hand and a intent look on his face.  There were a couple of times when I heard crashing come from the kitchen but he did it without my help.   How could I NOT eat what my baby cooked for me?? My daughter marinated the meat for four hours and then grilled it for me.  She was adjusting the temps and then let it sit on the grill on low heat under the dome to slow cook it.  She told me she remembered what I did with the meat before.  I think I will let them cook more often.  They knew that I have been down in the dumps for the past couple of days and then I was struck with exhaustion and pain.  they wanted to help me…and they did!   I am so proud of them!
I did my workout today…feeling great and I stayed on plan with my diet (with the exception of the small amount of pasta…but with the amount of exercise I am doing I am sure that little amount won’t hurt me…and so what if it does??  MY SON COOKED IT!)  and today at work I moved furniture so I did get in some movement today!
It is time to do the 120 days of exercise and eating healthy again.  This time I will stick to it.  The Amped system is rocking and I am seeing serious results.  My body is changing (in a good way) and the loose skin is really tightening up.  It is not wrinkly like a Shar-Pei anymore and it looks like it is tightening up.  I can see definition in my abs.  Who would have thought that would happen??  Certainly not me…but it is happening.
I have been craving (actually fiending) for fresh fruits and vegetables.  My daughter saw all the produce I brought home and fell to her knees in thanks.  The child LOVES fruits and veggies (I have my Momma to thank for that…as little ones she only gave my kids fruits and vegetables) she will bypass junk food for a fruit or veggie tray in a second.  Since I have added the fruits and vegetables (non starchy veggies and low glycemic fruits…I chose off the list of approved foods) my workouts have gotten better and I am getting great sleep at night.  I am also noticing great results…I will see what will become of this.
I need to get some rest.  I have a busy day tomorrow ahead of me.  I hope everyone had a great day!!


It seems I am allergic to the body wash I used this evening. I feel like I just took a wool sweater and rubbed it all over me…now I am tired and itchy. I don’t think I will get any sleep. Where in the Hell is the Benadryl?? Wow…find out something new everyday it seems. 🙁


…to rest last night due to the 90 minute Taebo session that I had on Sunday.  I guess my rest days will officially be on Mondays.  No problem with that at all.  I am noticing that when I let myself rest my workouts are way better.  I ended up doing my workout late today since I decided that I wanted to TRY and install a video card in my new computer.  3 hours and I ended up pulling the damned thing out and was very frustrated.  It helped with the sculpting workout I did tonight.  I hate buying ready made computers because most of the time (like now) I am unable to add things like additional memory or video cards.  Pheh!  A waste of my time in the end.
My son surprised me tonight…he decided that he would make the Macaroni and Cheese for me.  I know that doesn’t seem like much, but the child has been afraid to go near the stove for a long time.  He was burned as a child by hot water.  He also told me that he wanted me to teach him how to cook.  I am so excited…I may just have the next Emeril in the house.  I have always thought that males who know how to cook..really know how to cook due to their analytical natures.  The Mac and Cheese was delish (I tasted a spoon because he took the time to cook it) and as a surprise …he added some seasoning.  Impressive!
I need to soak these bones…and get some rest.  Along with the Taebo I was also moving furniture around in the office today.  I also rearranged the supply room…it was a mess and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So..I am really tired today and reached muscle failure twice today.  I hope I feel okay tomorrow for my Fat Accelerator workout…


…It is HOT FOR NO REASON outside. My car burned me….and TODAY the air conditioner system in one of the buildings decided that it would break. Sigh…It is so hot in that building I am about to invite the troops into this building to sit down until they fix everything.
Another observation…A Rant Really:
Now that the questions have been asked…why is it that I always seem to get behind the one jackass that acts like he has never seen nor heard of Popeye’s chicken before?? If you are not sure what it is you want…do not GET IN THE POPEYE’S LINE DURING LUNCH AND ASK A QUESTION ABOUT EVERY ITEM ON THE MENU AND AFTER 10 MINUTES OF BULLSHITTING AROUND DECIDE YOU WANT A BREAST AND A BISCUIT! GAWD! What a Fuckface!! If you only could have been there…this guy was acting like Popeye’s was a new conceptual restaurant or something. Dude…Get a two piece and a biscuit meal and ride the fuck on…people have to get back to work!! I know what the comedian Louis C.K. meant when there are just some people that you hate…instantly…in a line. This guy is probably the nicest guy in the world…but at that moment he was an inconsiderate idiot…asking what did Popeye’s sell?? They sell Toys…Jackass!
On a good note that guy pissed me off so much that my original plans to cheat and get a Two Piece Mild with Onion Rings turned into a King Sized Diet Coke. The heat coming from behind that counter was making me nauseous and I had a chance to look at the guy and the people cooking and serving the chicken…I have this thing about sweat and it being in my food. So if it wasn’t for Fuckface…then I probably would have cheated on Kimmer’s Plan and would have to restart. 🙂
later…I need to workout when I get home. I’ll see if I can get WonderTwin to join me…Billy awaits!


…started my week off right by doing the Ultimate Taebo DVD…90 minutes of cardio and sculpting.  Phew!  I am actually tired!  I got lots of things done today including making Florentine Pinwheels…well my version of them anyway.  The kids actually liked the meal I made.  Could it be that their tastebuds are maturing??  I hope so…it makes for good meals!  The Da Vinci Code is on…and I have to work in the morning.  Just wanted to check in with my workout for the day.  Gotta stay honest..especially since I have MommaTwin as my partner.  4 Pounds in 4 days…Momma will get to her goal in no time!  Congrats Momma…you will be in Onederland by next week!!

I'm Seriously…

…considering getting my own domain again.  I will be able to do what I want with the themes.  If I am gonna pay for something it might as well be for my own web address.  Sigh…I won’t do it now since I have moved so many times…I shall see.  I will stick with this for the time being.  I have to remember MommaTwin reads this as well and I want her to be able to see it.

NOT Motivated…

…to do a damned thing.  So that is more than enough reason for me to get in some exercise.  I HATE when I get like this because it is really easy for me to lie down all day and do nothing.  I have 40 minutes of my time that I can use constructively…so I will pop in Billy and have a “date” with him.  I know I am this way because I took some sleep tabs last night.  Since I have lost weight those tabs literally knock me on my ass when I take them.  I am then lazy the entire next day…so I only take them when I want to sleep soundly.  Whenever I am in ketosis I have a problem falling to sleep because of all the extra energy.  Good…but sometimes a pain in the ass for me.  I LOVE to sleep…it is the highlight of my day!
Someone made a comment about Alli…I know it is just someone who is advertising their site because I specifically said that I have no interest in taking the over-the-counter Xenical.  I still say this…save your money and get either laxative or sugar free candy…that will give you the same effect of Alli.  I tried Weight Loss pill once…Redux…Lord I remember going to the clinic to try to get a prescription.  I got on the scale and PRAYED that my BMI was over 30 just so I can get that little miracle pill.   Lucky for me…it was 31.  The “doctor” weighed me…and then gave me a prescription for a month’s worth.  No physical…just…confirmation that I was fat enough and the prescription.  I took them for exactly two weeks…I hated waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and unable to breathe.  I didn’t do anything but take the pills…and that didn’t work at all.  The only thing that I lost was the money I spent for the prescription.  I was terrified of having a heart attack in my sleep so I stopped taking them.  My Mother said it best…you will be really skinny once you are dead.  But at that point no one will notice.
Anyway…went off on a tangent… If you feel you must have help and Alli is for you then by all means buy and take the pill.  To me it is way cheaper to just low carb and exercise.  The results will be faster than the pill.  Having the shits does not make me want to buy the pill…even if they call the side effects “Treatment” effect…wow.
Off to have my time with Billy…I need to do something since I spent the day being lazy…40 minutes will fly by…


…has been kicked.  Did the Fat Burn Accelerator with my Amplifier.  Why do I miss workouts…I feel so good after doing them!  I had a awesome meal and the cravings are GONE!  I love Creole cooking but I know now I have to eat that in moderation.  My husband informed me that around the Holidays all bets are off.  Um…maybe for him they are but I plan on sticking to my way of eating.  I can’t stand the bloating, cramping, fatigue and irritability that manifests itself whenever I decided to eat the way I used to eat.  It just isn’t worth the discomfort for me.  I will stay on the K/E plan for the entire five days as planned.  I am curious to see if I will have the great results that everyone has had using the Kimmer Plan.  If anything…I like the energy I have and the sense of well being from eating clean.
My parents are coming next month and since MommaTwin is starting Kimmer’s Plan I won’t have any issues with meals.  My Mother is an excellent cook…so I am looking forward to trying some of her creations.  I still want some Hot Sausage from her…but not as much.  Since starting back on my plan my cravings for Hot Sausage has gone away.
Someone I know wants to try the Alli Pill.  It is basically Xenical over the counter.  I have read up on the various stats on Xenical and to me the side effects aren’t worth the .6 extra pounds a month.  If I wanted cramps and diarrhea I will just take a handful of laxatives.  I’m not knocking the pill…it just isn’t something that I would want to use.  If it works for you…that is great.  I hope you get all the success that you are looking for…I really mean that.  Everyone is different…I like low carbing and for a while I considered all kinds of crazy for doing this way of eating.  Now…the results speak for themselves and I am getting asked all kinds of questions.  Exercise and diet.  I don’t get into the low carb thing unless they ask me about a specific plan…and I am successfully getting the word out that low carb isn’t just bacon, cheese, and butter.  🙂
I seriously need to wash my hair…I have a ceremony to go to tomorrow and I don’t want to look like a rat has taken residence in my hair.
Have a Great Evening…

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