Can a person smile too much?? I just discovered that Jimmy Moore over at Livin La Vida Low Carb
has highlighted my blog in one of his posts. This guy is amazing…more proof that once you set your mind to do something you can accomplish anything. He is a Low Carb Hero in my opinion…a Guru. Right up there with Billy and My Daddy. This is too awesome!! I go to his various sites to get valuable information and some insight on this way of eating. Thank GAWD I am in shape now…my blood pressure is normal…because all this excitement is too much! I never thought many people read my little spot on the Internet.
I’m telling you now…IF Billy writes me back I will probably pass out.
Thanks Jimmy for the props and for being a shining light for all of us low carbers.
Wow…I think I need to lie down. LOL….



  1. Jimmy Moore says:

    You are VERY welcome, Robin! Actually, I consider YOU just as much a “hero” because you are a shining example of not just livin’ la vida low-carb, but about how to live LIFE itself.
    I could not imagine trying to lose weight and get healthy with all the circumstances that you have to endure with your husband fighting in a foreign land leaving you to raise those beautiful children while he is away.
    You are a very special lady and I am so glad I found your amazing blog! Hopefully, your site will get FLOODED with new visitors today because you deserve it! 🙂
    On this Memorial Day when we celebrate and remember those men and women who sacrificed their lives to secure our freedom in this great country we live in, I salute you, your family, and your handsome husband for defending our country to protect our freedom.
    God bless you, Robin!
    Jimmy Moore, author of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb”

  2. Julia Havey says:

    I LOVE your blog! I am low carb living advocate /Jimmy Moore fan, too, and wanted to let you know about one of my must use tools; Phase II, it is the only FDA approved diet tool–it is a white bean extract that helps your body digest about 40% of your carb intake as fiber rather than sugar–effective on white starches; breads, pasta, baked goods. To learn more about it http://www.Phase2info.com, I am sure you and your blog readers will LOVE it!
    If you would like my help in anyway on your weight loss journey, let me know! I lost 130 pounds and have kept it off for 12 years now!
    Julia Havey, author The Vice Busting Diet (endorsed by Oprah’s two doc; Katz and Oz!) and Awaken the Diet Within

  3. fatsavage says:

    Congrats – but if Billy contacts you from the great beyond, I’ll start exercising which I avoided for a lifetime along with Waistloss goals.

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