Rest Day…

…okay…I am taking my rest day.  I DON’T LIKE it…but I am taking the damned day.  I know I have to rest my muscles after the week that I have endured.  I have been sore so I know something is working.  The soreness is the muscle repairing itself.  I read that somewhere as well… 🙂  Sigh…I hate when I get like this.  I feel like a bum, but I also know that my body needs this.  I don’t want to get so fixated on exercising that I lose focus and get injured or burned out.
It still sucks…but I took my damned rest day.


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  1. waistloss says:

    Chill out and enjoy the rest. When you rest, the muscles rebuild and come back stronger.
    Rest. It’s good for you!

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