Express Sculpt…

Still trying the new workouts.  Did Express Sculpt and it is a winner.  My arms, shoulders, back and abs were worked quite nicely.  I have to say I am really feeling these workouts.  I know I will see results!  These workouts are not boring at all and it seems the time flies by.  I’m still not wanting to roll over any of the workouts with the Saturn!!  🙂
Off to make something to eat now…low carb fried chicken.  Yes…there is a way to make lower carb chicken and the best part about it is noone knows the difference!!  I might even sneak in some Mock Mashed Potatoes…those are made with cauliflower!  I am starving!!



  1. Robin says:

    Low carb fried chicken…there are two ways that I make it. When it is just me craving the chicken I use egg and Parmesan cheese as the coating and I fry as usual. I love the way that it tastes but the kids do know when I use cheese.
    The way I cook it when they are eating with me is using CarbQuick (Carbolose flour) and Almond Flour. I order the Carbquick online when I run out. I use half carbolose flour and a little almond flour. I coat just like I would with the full flour recipe. I don’t like double coated chicken…so it is just dusted once. It can be double coated if you like. Some people use buttermilk or heavy cream to dip the chicken in…I just use egg. It coating is lighter to me. Anyway…it is 4 carbs per 1/4 cup and I definitely don’t use that much on my chicken. It fooled my kids and my 6 year old niece…
    So when I am going Induction levels I use Parmesan cheese and when I am doing the family meal I use the Carbquick. You can also use stone ground wheat flour instead of white for a “healthier” fried chicken. It tastes nuttier…

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