The Prom…

…I just got back from dropping my daughter off at her dance.  She looks so beautiful…she let me cha cha her up!  The new hair color looks wonderful on her.  She even said she actually LIKED looking all girly.  Momma wins!!  🙂
Here are some pictures of my beautiful baby girl…
Too Cute for words
Hamming it Up
Cha Cha
Sniff..sniff…they grow up so fast.  I remember bringing her home from the hospital…it was hot and I was wondering if we had enough air conditioning in the house.  I was almost crying there and I was taking all kinds of pictures.  I wasn’t alone, there were other Mothers in the parking lot fussing over their babies.  It was so funny…the kids walked away and all that was left was a parking lot full of quiet parents looking wistfully towards their children.  I was then shocked back into reality by the boy who was declaring his hunger.  🙂  Yep… they grow way too fast!



  1. Sister-in-Law says:

    She looks soooo cute! I told her she would look cute in girly clothes.

  2. lisamechelle says:

    Robin, she looks beautiful!!! I remember that age. An age of awakenings. Let’s hope her’s don’t wake up like mine did, LOL!!!

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks…she is freaking that I posted her pictures. I think she is lovely… :).
    Alas…just like Cinderella…she is back in her clothes that she likes to wear. BUT…she still looks fabulous…her hair is still styled!
    I hope I haven’t created a Monster…now that I think about it…her saying Boys noticed me is kinda scary. So far the phone has been ringing today…time to start screening the calls. At least these young men are 8th graders….

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