The Best…

…money that I have EVER SPENT!!

I am considering LEAVING my husband and seeking out Billy to really marry him.  The best, best, best workout ever…it is balanced…it makes you sweat…it works your core, your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, butt and most importantly…YOUR SPIRIT!!  Billy is motivational…Shellie looks like a normal person.  She had just had a baby when they taped these workouts…instead of a 10 inch waist she has a 15 inch waist.  Seriously…she is more motivational NOW because she does not have the concave abs of steel that she sported in the other workouts.   I have been doing Taebo since the beginning.  I have an extensive library (all things Taebo) and the workout that I just did is DA BOMB!! 
I can see how they say you will feel results in 7 days. I have a schedule that I am following…it is the Advanced Rotation because I have been doing this for a while.  Billy includes a Beginner workout rotation with the set.  There is a 8 day jump start diet (a lot like the South Beach plan) and there is a section in the booklet that shows you step by step how to do the moves.  You also have an option to not use the bar until you are ready.  Modifying the workouts are made easy because there are people that are not using the Amplifier bar.  Make sure you have plenty of water because you will sweat.  This is something that I will follow for the whole 4 week rotation…I know I will see the results that I am looking for.  I have renewed energy…I am in love with Billy (again) and I can’t wait to try the other workouts. 
This workout is a winner!!  Billy has gotten it so right….



  1. Billy definitely has a edge on everybody in the fitness industry. Would anyone believe this guy is 52 yrs. old. I only pray that I can perform at 52 the way he does. He makes 20 yr-olds look stupid.

  2. Robin says:

    I could only wish I could look that good and have that fitness level at his age. Shelly (Chick with 15″ waist after a Baby) is 32…I’m 37, so I am hoping I can at least achieve a 20″ waist look. Lots of people give me strange looks…snicker…even out and out tell me that Taebo is a ridiculous workout. Then they tell me how great I look and ask me how I did it… T. A. E. B. O. No trips to the gym…no lifting of the gym…no waiting in line…no body image issues in the aerobic classes. My body has been sculpted by using my own body weight and Taebo. In the privacy of my home.
    Today one of my co-workers broke down and asked if she could borrow the Instructional and Basic tapes I own. She readily admitted that the results speak for itself. I will gladly give her the workouts to try.
    People can say what they want…but if I can be in shape like that at 52…then I will endure the snickers and the crazy looks…all while doing Taebo. There is a Post wide yard sale this weekend…I think I will go through all the tapes and DVDs I own and make some money off them. Or just give them away…I am never going to any other workout.
    ***I am still soaring high after my Fat Burning acceleration workout…excuse the rambling… 🙂 ***

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