This thing with the coworker is unreal.  YES…I know I was unprofessional…YES…I know that it was mean to be a Snark Queen about her to someone else.  Sigh…BUT…I will not be handled the way I am being handled by this person.  She WAS being ridiculous yesterday.  Anyway…my day is being spent with this woman talking to me all snappy…she is moping around the office looking like she is on the verge of tears.  Just looking wounded all around…sigh.  How many days do I have left in this Nut House??  I’m just about done with all of this and my patience is paper thin right now.  I WAS going to pull her on the side and talk to her.  But she wants to have Bitch Wars with me…this is so fecking High School.
I just counted the days…JUST 5 before I take the day off and start off fresh somewhere else…
DEAR LORD!!  This is bordering on being funny…amusing really.

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