I was talking to the Boss today about the behavior of another co-worker.  This was a discussion between me and her…and the person was supposed to be gone for the day. I pretty much said that she overreacted about some things…would give herself an aneurysm…and was freaking out all day.  The Boss even agreed with me… Of course I find out after the fact that she was lurking among the partitions and I am assuming that she heard everything that I said.  What I said was the truth…but this person has soft feelings when it comes to her.  She is rude and mean to others but noone can be that way to her without seeing the waterworks.  I see her sitting there at her desk…quiet and the hurt feelings wafting off her in waves.  I made the decision to not tell her anything and leave as if I didn’t know that she was there.  Yes…chickenshit of me…but she didn’t say anything and honestly the conversation was between me and someone else.  Now…I do feel bad (actually I feel like a big ole bitch) and this wasn’t meant for her to hear..I just don’t know if I should bring up that I SAW her at her desk before I left.  She didn’t say anything…just sat there quiet as a mouse…or should I go about my business as usual.  I figure if she had an issue she should have brought it up right then and there…but I have the feeling that I will either hear about it from my coworkers tomorrow…or she will bring it up tomorrow…or she wont say anything at all and just be mad at me until I leave.  Shit!  Drama that I did not want before I left. Now…my Dear Four Readers…how would you handle that situation.
Oh yeah…this is the woman that doesn’t see a problem with calling me anorexic and saying that I act like I have an eating disorder…
Would you even care that she heard what was said?? Would you even bring up the subject ??  Just wondering …because I am not sure how I will react tomorrow morning…



  1. Rebecca says:

    If you feel you were being honest, but not catty and gossipy, then you have nothing to feel bad about. It’s amazing how often those who can dish it can’t take it.

  2. Robin says:

    I don’t really know how she took it…I guess she would think I was being catty. But she was being ridiculous all day…was even rude to the Boss. This woman is unreal…I hate hurting anyone’s feelings. I know you know how I talk…I am a bit country. I guess I will just have to lie in the bed that I made. I’m not in high school anymore and I really should have kept my opinion to myself. Very unprofessional for me to talk about anyone at the job. It is hard when you work with all women. I am actually looking forward to being (hopefully) alone most of the day with my new j0b. Rebecca…if I could have taken back what I was venting about I would have…I really think this woman acts totally unprofessional at times. So I guess SHE would see what I said as catty and gossipy. I was just talking…I can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow morning. It will be interesting that is for sure.

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