Um…I don't think so…

Skinny.  That is what the Boss said when she saw this picture.  Okay…I see hair blown all over the place…a crazy smile because I was trying to get into the building…realized that I did a major fashion faux pas by putting on the brown jacket with the white sandals (it was chilly out and I couldnt find my white sweater…I had to get to work) but nowhere do I see skinny.  Sigh… the more I look at the shoes the more I want to fall into a giant hole in the ground…I KNOW better.  In my 37 years on this Earth I did learn some fashion sense.  🙂
Moving on…
I did my Taebo (nope…no AMPED yet…still mailbox watching) and sweated nicely (Taebo Sweat…FINALLY look like the Bunnies in the videos…drenched with the kick-ass look on my face).  I started off with the Advanced Live series again I am on Advanced Live 3.  I started to do the workouts and recommit to Atkins again when I joined the May Challenge.  The Kimmer Experiment worked wonders by kicking me back into fat burning mode.  The diet is a little too extreme for me to stay on for more than 5 days.  I don’t like my workouts suffering because I am not getting in enough calories.  I decided to go back to Atkins…my carbs are above Induction levels because of the amount of energy I am expending when I kick, sweat, cuss, and shout along with Billy.  So I guess I am in the Ongoing Weight Loss phase…the carbs are a little higher, but not as high as the Maintenance level.  I just do not have the time or the patience to sit there and try to figure out what the Critical Carb Level (that is where you add carbs little by little to see how much you can eat before you gain again…no patience for that right now) is for my body.  I know it is pretty low anyway since my thyroid does not function at all and any bread, sugar, starch cause me to start in on the binging.  I feel healthy and I feel energetic so I will not fix what isn’t broken. 
I will officially be released from my current position on 27 May and start my new position after Memorial Day.   Nervous doesn’t even describe what I am feeling right now.   I tend to crab walk away from new things.  I am confortable where I am now, but I know that the position that I accepted is way better and the upward mobility is given.  I guess it is just new job nerves…I am not that Crabby to have turned down the position…just nervous.  Once I read up on the Regulations again I will be fine.  The unknown has always kept me from trying new things.  I won’t let that happen this time.  Onward and upward (with my career in the Government).
I have some things to do before bed…I will be back later…



  1. Robin says:

    I feel like a kid waiting for Santa…It would be a wonderful Mother’s Day (or Muttertag..since living in Germany that is what I think in my head) gift for me. Working out with Billy utilizing my Amplifier (looks like The Club)…sweating and yelling at the screen. As soon as I get the package I will post here…

  2. waistloss says:

    Before I read even the first word, the first thing that popped in mind was, “Look at you getting skinny girl!”

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