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Tales from the Scales has started started a wonderful challenge.  Something that will motivate you along your journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I have decided to join in on the challenge to lose those last pounds that just seem to be holding onto my body.  This is just what I needed…and it is very motivational. 
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I have also posted the link on the sidebar of the blog…anyone can join.  If you are looking for a buddy or someplace to check in to get inspired this is the place.  The details of the challenge is located on their blog.  Just wonderful!! 
One of the requirements is for me to post my story…I am sure most of you know this story.  But it is a story… 🙂

I am almost 38 years old…a Army Wife with a very deployed husband and two teenagers.  This is not my first time I started a weight loss journey.  As a matter of fact I was very successful in 1999-2000 where I lost more than 40 pounds doing a low calorie/exercise rich plan.  When I say exercise rich…I mean twice a day 7 days a week for at least 2-3 hours a day.  It was extreme…but I started off the weight loss journey due to extreme embarrassment.  I had broken my ankle on the ice before I started to diet and exercise and two men couldn’t pick me up off the ground to get me back into my apartment.  I was dragged across the ice, snow, and mud into my house to wait for my husband to get home from work and bring me to the emergency room.  The embarrassment became worse when my husband couldn’t pick me up…it was either be hoisted into a “fireman carry” orlean on my husband’s shoulder and hop to the car…with a broken ankle…downhill and in muddy WHITE pants.  I opted for the hopping because there was no way in hell my Soldier Husband was gonna carry me to the car across his shoulders like a tree log wearing dirty wet white pants.   Just as soon as I got a walking cast I decided to start walking…I did that for a couple of weeks…moved on to Richard Simmons and walking….then Buns of steel, Richard Simmons and walking…then, finally TAEBO, Richard Simmons, Buns of Steel, Yoga and of course walking.  I did this everyday and it took up a lot of my time.  I lost weight because I was exercising like a fiend and loosely following the Diet Workshop plan.    I maintained this crazy schedule for a while until my husband came down on orders for Germany.  Once I got overseas…I had problems with the culture shock, home sickness, my thyroid meds getting adjusted correctly, and depression.  It didn’t help things a bit that I lived in stairwell housing…no more marathon workouts…the neighbors would complain.  My husband was always gone on deployments or in the field…my eating habits got really sloppy…the depression got intense.  Pretty soon I had gained back all 40 pounds plus 20 extra…my exercise consisted of me walking to the slot machines…my nourishment was mostly candy and alcohol.  It wasn’t unheard of for me to polish off a pound of M&Ms (while drinking anything alcoholic) laying on the couch watching BBC Prime.  Yep…it was bad.  It got worse after the husband came home and we started to have martial problems…I started to feel sorry for myself so the eating continued and so did the depression medicine.  I was over 200 pounds for a moment…I just didn’t want to acknowledge it. Ugh…
Fast forward to moving back to the States…more drama…no place to live…no post to move to…BUT no more depression medication (I weaned myself off); I was pretty much homeless and once again my husband went to a school and I was left to fend for myself.  My Momma and I joined Weight Watchers and started to do Walk Away the Pounds together.  I was a hair under 200 pounds(199.4 or .6…I just remember looking at the scale was HAPPY that it didn’t say 200…again) when I made my way back to the States and started working out and dieting with Momma.  I did this half hearted during the time that I lived with my parents because for some strange reason I was losing and gaining the same 5 pounds over and over again.  It just wasn’t working for me (It was working GREAT for Momma).   Fast forward some more and now I am living with my brother trying to get housed and my children in school.  Katrina just happened and I was devastated due to all the destruction.  My family lost a lot…people who I knew lost a lot…I even lost my cat Iggy.  One day I was sitting down in my brother’s den and I just DECIDED that I would start low carbing and exercising.  I figured I had tried everything…I will go this route because I read somewhere that people with thyroid issues (which I have…mine was killed using Radioactive Iodine treatment…I will be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life) do better on lower carbohydrate diets…plus…I didn’t want to develop diabetes to go along with everything else that was ailing me.  Once I got over the withdrawal of carbs (I started Atkins…easier to do for me I didn’t have to think that much on Induction) I started to work out again using Walk Away the Pounds.  My niece (believe it or not) really sealed my decision to continue on by joining me while I was huffing and puffing with Leslie AND she asked me one day “Auntie Robin…why do you shake all over when you exercise?” GAH!  Out of the mouth of babes so to speak… 🙂  I love her so much…the young ones are so honest!!  I continued on…I worked with Leslie…I did some Taebo…I ate low carb.  Once I got my own place I looked over all of my videos and discovered that I have more Taebo than the law allowed.  I really needed to use the tapes that I spent so much money on…(I’m cheap…I admit it)  and I wanted to see if the workouts really worked like I remembered.  I started to do low carb and Taebo consistently in August of 2006…I was about 178 pounds.  Today…even with all the anti low carb people that surround me (I had to get them to see that I DO NOT eat buttered bacon and steaks…but I have a diet that consists of lean proteins, vegetables, berries, and whole grains and drink tons of water…Atkins is not just Induction!) I fluctuate between 140 and 145 due to a consistent diet and exercising 5-6 days a week (sometimes 4 if I am lazy) 60-90 minutes (if I have the time) a session.  I would like to make my ultimate goal of 125…just to see if I can attain that goal and to give myself some cushion just in case I slip up…I can get back on track before I get out of control.
WHOA!  What a tale…all of it is true and it is the abridged version.  🙂  I cut it down because I don’t want to develop carpal tunnel.  Basically…I just decided to do something about the weight, depression, my appearance, my happiness…I grew up and took responsibility for myself.  It feels good….
Anyway (my wrists hurt and I type really fast) click on the link for motivation, company, encouragement, whatever it is that you are looking for and join in on the challenge.  A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step…why not take that step with me and all the other great folks who have joined the challenge??



  1. fatsavage says:

    This is a great post. I’ll tell mine right after I do the goal setting challenge from wasitloss. 😉

  2. Robin says:

    It feels good to get some of that stuff out. I actually had to sit there and think about the past. My Daddy one time told me that he was “Proud of me because I am strong. I do things that most women would be scared to do.” This was when we did the mighty trek across Texas to go live with my brother while I waited to get housed at Ft Huachuca. I have to say…being in this lifestyle and the way that I was raised has helped me be able to deal with everything that has been thrown at me. Looking at my past…all I can do is say..WHOA! I’m surprised I didn’t drink myself to death or eat myself right into being a diabetic. I have my family (that definitely includes Rebecca…she is my rock…even if we don’t talk that much…REBECCA IS FAM!) and my friends to thank for helping me realize that I can accomplish anything.
    I really mean a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…you guys have helped me make that step. Now I want others to join me while I continue on to the cover of a fitness magazine. LOL…Rebecca knows what I am talking about…

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