So Far…

…so good.  I am rocking this experiment big time.  I guess it is easier this time since I have been through all of this before.  Atkins Induction is somewhat the same…it is higher fat…but this is relatively easy for me.  I am not hungry and a BIG PLUS…I am not craving any sweets or low carb frankenfoods.  I didn’t eat one “sugar free” or “low carb” product at all today, just clean eating.  Lean meats and vegetables!!  I am not sleepy and I got in my Taebo today.  Taebo II Get Ripped Advanced 2  (this one is considered the “easy” one) and Billy kicked my butt!!  I will be feeling this one in the morning.  I can’t wait to see what Amped has to offer.  I am hoping to see better results and alternate between the older tapes I own and this new system.  I bought the extra workouts that came with the set…including the 90 minute workout called Ultimate Taebo.  Yes…I’m hooked on Taebo and Billy Blanks.  The results that I am seeing while low carbing are amazing and I will not do any other DVD (or VHS) workout.  I have tried others and I always come back to Taebo.  I’m not gonna fix what isn’t broken.
I need to get some things done around the house…just wanted to check in. 
I can’t wait to see what my results will be…



  1. Glad to see that it’s going good for you so far, Robin.
    Be sure to let us know how the exercise goes with the restricted calories.

  2. Robin says:

    I will …yesterday’s workout was great. The energy levels were high. I tend to eat a cup or two more vergetables because I exercise. If you read up on the Kimkins Plan…she didn’t exercise during her weight loss journey. The restricted calories weren’t an issue for her…I exercise so I will add a little more to the plan. There is no way that I could go any lower than 1200 calories and function properly.

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