Today's Workout…

Since it is Sunday I NEED to watch Charm School and Celebrity Fit Club tonight…plus make dinner I am going to get in my workout a little earlier than usual.
Taebo Advanced Live 11 and Focus series Abs and Glutes …that will equal about 90 minutes of moving in oxygen. I think that is a great way of starting the week off right. I don’t care that Twenty-One is on right now…I NEED to see those two shows. I swear if I EVER got rid of DirectTV I would be lost…I mostly watch Game Show Network, Bravo, Lifetime, and VH1…most of those channels need to be purchased separately with cable and I know my withdrawal would be severe if I had to give them up. Hell…this is better than overeating.
Kellie (my sister in law) is out of the hospital and resting now. I hope she gets better soon!
I am off to sweat and I will be back later…


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  1. fatsavage says:

    Loved the Old Jeans Pictures. Been busy on wierd stuff but still check occasionally. Weight is constantat about 215 so I’m still down 35 or so from last year.

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