They are casting for I Love New York 2.  I was addicted to I Love New York…I just couldn’t believe how much drama was generated from one person.  Call it a guilty pleasure… 🙂 
The reunion show ended badly…the person that she chose dumped her on the stage.  I figured they would do another show…especially since there was a Flavor of Love 1 and 2.  Yeah…Flavor of Love was another show I just couldn’t get enough of…it was too funny.



  1. McCormick says:

    I am a sucker bad reality shows and they’ve all seem to pop up on VH1.
    I’ve watched, both season of Flava of Love, the White Rapper Show, Charm School, and Celebrity Fit Club. I cannot wait to see another season of the HBIC.

  2. Robin says:

    LOL…You actually think she will find love this time. I just hope she doesnt inflate those boobs anymore…the poor child will just tip over. I believe she looked her best on Flava 2…now she looks way too large in the boobage area and she looks chunky. Her makeup is too drag queen as well…

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