What A Week!!

Let’s recap…My week from Hell started on Sunday when I noticed that my daughter was out of breath. She was coughing and had a horrendous fever…she also slept the entire weekend which is odd. I brought her to the clinic…they diagnosed her with pneumonia. I decided to take time off work to make her better. In the meantime…I stayed on course with the diet (mostly) and I got in exercise while the child was asleep. She gets better and I finally get back to work and start to focus on the Baby Shower for my baby sister in law. I call and call on Friday only to discover that she was hospitalized for dehydration. She is still in the hospital BUT the shower is definitely postponed until a later date. I also found out that the Husband is being moved to another location (it is dangerous to move anywhere in Iraq) so I will not have any communication from him for a while. I also have major guilt over throwing Voodoo out after finding out that he has been peeing all over the place and ruining clothes and my damned dryer. I may have to replace the appliance because I can’t get the smell out. I did TRY to give him another chance and the first thing he did was go upstairs and pee on my bed. Luckily he didn’t soak the mattress but that locked my decision and he was out. I am unable to catch him (he wont have ANY contact with humans) but he did run out and I haven’t seen him anywhere. If I CAN eventually get him I will take him to the pound and maybe someone can adopt him and he will be the only pet in the house.
Now…I didn’t work out at all on Thursday or Friday. My eating was shit…the stress of everything made me just say to hell with it and I ended up not making the best choices and just not doing a damned thing those past two days. I woke up this morning and didn’t make the best choice for breakfast (Organic Kettle Chips…Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper) but I realized what I was doing before I demolished the entire bag. I decided to get online and see if there was something out there that would inspire me to stop the carb loading and get my ass back on track.
I knew about a plan from Low Carb Friends called the Kimmer Experiment. Lots of people lost weight on her way of low carbing so I tried to get some information on it. There is some but not that much…I found out that there is a place called Kimkins.com that I could visit. She does charge a one time fee of 39.95…BUT I got the information that I needed and there is tons of information and help available. I figure I have spent so much money on dieting…exercise videos…books…this one time fee wont hurt. I will be going on the three-day protein only diet to jump start me back into ketosis. I have been adding way too many carbs into my diet so I need to “meat fast” to get them out. It does take about three days to rid your body of the carbohydrates and have it start burning fat. I like when I am in ketosis because I lose weight faster…I have energy…and my mind is clearer. I have a lifetime membership to the site with the one time payment so even if I decide that Kimkins to too restrictive I will still have a message board to go to and chat with people who understand my way of eating.
After the three day meat fast I will join one of the Bootcamps. Hell…I’m a Army wife so it makes sense for me to join in the challenge and get my ass in gear.
I will be working out today…right after I find out Kellie is out of the hospital and after I prepare Waistloss’ Just A Little Too…Wings. THOSE ARE THE BEST!!
I’m glad this week is over…I’m looking forward to hopefully a little less drama next week.



  1. McCormick says:

    Hi! Good luck with the Kimkins diet, the recipes looked delicious, but I knew realisticaly I couldn’t handle it. Also, I wanted to thank you, you were one (and, the only I believe to blogroll me on my first blog), and your stories and pictures have been very inspirational. Keep up the good work. I hope your daugther is doing better.

  2. McCormick says:

    Oh, you’re kind of like my internet mother, because you provide so much insight…. definately a cool internet mother!!

  3. McCormick says:

    And another thing, do you know I possibly can get a job with the government, because I heard that’s the best job to have. Also, I’m an Army brat so that should give me sort of advantage, right?

  4. Robin says:

    😀 I’m glad to know that someone thinks that I am “cool”. My teenagers run for the hills whenever I start doing Taebo or what they call the “love dance” to Reggaton (I adore Daddy Yankee). My daughter is doing a lot better, I know this because she is being loud again with her brother. I have been doing low carb for a while now so I think I can handle Kimkins…if not I have so many low carb options to choose from. If you look at the links…I actually have the books that go along with the website. Your site is interesting and I hope you meet your goal…I will blogroll anyone that is trying to do good for themselves.
    Now…to apply for the Government…it is hard to get on with them but once you do…it is almost impossible to get away. I was fortunate enough to get on while I lived overseas as a military spouse. You may be able to get on as a dependent…I’m not sure. The first thing to do is go to http://www.usajobs.com and get a resume in the system. Once you do that look around at the job listings and apply. It takes a long time to get on…just keep applying…eventually someone will call you.
    Now…I have played around long enough…I HAVE to get some Taebo in…

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