One More Thing…

(I’m about to workout…I promise)…I was with my Brother yesterday and I noticed that he looked thinner.  He was transferred to Ft Huachuca to work for the next couple of months so he has been going to the Gym.  I am so proud of him BUT I am now gonna start going back with him.  I get off work the same time as he does and I really have NO EXCUSE to not go…I work across the street from the Gym.  I am hoping we can start up Team Wondertwin again…I really liked the way the elliptical worked my legs and my butt.  We all know that a fabulous ass at 38 is a good thing!!
Let’s Make A Deal is almost over…then it will be Taebo for me.



  1. Robin says:

    Yes…the Gym is actually across the street from the Commissary… my employer. I work on a Military Post…. 😀 So…the grocery store is located across from the Gym. It is wonderful how that works out…
    I’m starting the Taebo tape right now…

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