Billy, Billy, Billy…

…he whupped my butt in tonight’s workout. I completed Taebo Total Advanced 3…I will be feeling that one tomorrow. I am pulling out the weight bench from the garage and tomorrow I will be doing some workouts with my dumbbells. They range from 3 pounds to 25 pounds. I have the Body for Life book to get a couple of bench workout ideas. I’m just not sure if I should do cardio first and then the weights. I am completely clueless when it comes to weights…ask me anything about cardio and I could probably give some good advice, but when it comes to weight training I am lost. I guess that is the reason I don’t go to the Gym as much as I should…I do the cardio, but when I go to the weight rooms I wander around looking at the various machines and get thoroughly confused. Oh well…this way of life is a learning process for me. I will try to get as much info as I can from books and a few of my online links and see what I can come up with. I know if I add more lean mass to my body I will burn fat more efficiently.
I found a pair of pants that were too tight for me last year…they are huge to me now. My daughter wants me to post a picture of the difference between now and then. I just have to find a photo of me being squeezed in them somewhere on my computer. I look at those pants and I thank God that I decided to embark upon my journey. Low Carb and exercise has been a godsend to me…it is very hard for me to wrap my mind around how big those pants look to me now. Things like that make me continue on with what I am doing…



  1. Hi, Robin! I’d recommend alternating days as far as cardio and weights. Do your strength training on Mon, Wed Fri and your cardio on Tues Thurs Sat. If you want to do cardio every day, then I’d do the strength training before the cardio. That will allow you to left with more intensity.
    Also, don’t rule out body weight exercises! You can accomplish anything that you can with weights by doing push ups, squats and lunges. It takes less time and will still sculpt your body.
    And congrats on the pants!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Brian for the tips…I do plan on getting in cardio daily. I want to add more lean mass…as a matter of fact I do lots body weight exercises doing Taebo. Lots of squats, balancing moves, punches, ab works…and PUSHUPS!! I hate pushups with the fire of a thousand suns…BUT it has helped shape my arms, chest and back. The results that I am seeing is amazing…and that is from using just what the Lord gave me…my weight. I am just curious to see what will happen to my shape once I add in the weights.

  3. I think push ups are the absolute, hands-down best exercise we can do for shaping our body. Believe it or not, I’ve come to love them. I have about 6 variations of push ups that I do daily.
    Be sure to let us know about your results from the weights, Robin!

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