Tonight's Workout…

Plan on doing Advanced Live 6
I think my legs and but are okay to get through the workout tonight.  I have discovered that it is almost impossible for me to complete a workout during the day.  This is what is working for me so far…and I am far more relaxed in the evenings.
I’m gonna add the review of the tape that I do … just to give people an idea of how intense the workouts are and why they work.  I am planning on staying home tomorrow because my daughter is sick.  It will be a day of doctors for us…
Off to feed the son and get in a workout…



  1. Hope your little one is feeling better. Your pictures are awesome – and YES I can see a difference! You are doing great. I have a pic I took from last year when I started – but no idea where it is now – but I’d love to get it scanned into the computer so I could post it. I hope to take a new pic this weekend – which will be ONE full year for me (over 70ish lost so far, 70ish more to go!) Lady Rose

  2. Robin says:

    Lady Rose…
    Thanks so much for the compliment. I have been doing this for almost two years now and sometimes I have a hard time seeing the results. Congrats on your loss!! You will be at your goal soon enough…keep up the good work!

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