Hee Hee… Taebo Shirts for ALL!

Okay…in my quest to find all things Taebo I discovered a Taebo Fans page.  I love this page because it actually has reviews of the tapes that I am doing and I must face the fact that I am suffering from what I call Old Tymers Disease.  I just cannot remember what is on the tape before I do it…and sometimes I end up with a workout like the ones (ADL 8 and 9) I did this week that I really didn’t get anything from.  I also found a diagram on how to make one of those nifty Taebo cut shirts.  I know…they are so “90’s” but I can’t be a total Taebo junkie without cutting up one of my old t-shirts…and showing off my half a 6-pack.  😀
IF you are interested in being the Ultra Cool Taebo Bunny here is the link on how to make one of these little gems :
Who knows…we may just start a new fashion movement!!  I tried in vain to locate a screen shot of what the shirt looks like…but there is none anywhere I could find.  I guess I COULD be brave and take a picture of me in the darn shirt showcasing my half a 6-pack of abs.   I’m a chickenshit so I will continue to look for a picture of one of the abs of steel women sporting the shirt in all its glory.
I’m off to do Advanced Live 5
(Click on the link if you are interested in the review and a description of what in the heck I will be doing)
Hopefully I will get through this workout with my ass and legs still attached to my body so I can start dinner.
I checked out my BMI and it still says that I am overweight.  If I lose 2 pounds though I will be back in the healthy range.  I hate looking at the numbers…how in the hell can a person who fits into 3’s or 5’s still be considered overweight.  It boggles the mind and it also makes me realize that the scale is EVIL and is dumb as a bucket of rocks.  I used to be a scale junkie…now I take what it tells me with a grain of salt.  I also don’t pay attention to any of those stupid calculators that are supposed to help you gauge where you are…if I continue to look at just what the numbers say I would be 80 pounds still lamenting about being fat.  Sigh…off to sweat and feel the burn.  Sporting my nifty 90’s Taebo shirt….

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