Gluteus Maximus…

…better known as the booty, butt, behind, or ass. That is the largest muscle in your body…I know this not because I looked it up…but because I just worked the hell out of it. The largest muscle in your body also has the LARGEST pain when worked. I believe my ass fell off during Advanced Live 5. Seriously…it fell off and all I have back there is my back and my tail bone. Why, Robin?? Well at the end of the extreme “great ass” workout there was a part where I had to sit up and on the worked out part and do some lower ab work. I had no padding down there…enough to tell The Boy to get me a pillow STAT! It felt like I was sitting on my spine…jeebus!
The workout was awesome…there was a period of non stop blue streak cussing…but all in all I got through it (located my ass and I put my legs back on like a Barbie dollsome mean spirited 4 year old pulled my legs off at some point of the workout) and now I will hobble to the kitchen and grill some form of meat. 😀 I love what Taebo has done for my body…I am still trying to figure out WHY I stopped doing it when I got to Germany. I really believe that I would not have this loose skin issue on my half 6-pack of abs. If it wasn’t for that skin I would have the entire six pack showing…I know they are there…I can feel them working.  I also found out that there is not one iota of truth behind the FREE COSMETIC SURGERY for military wives tale.  Figures…because as much as I hate to admit it…I would love a tummy tuck.  Tricare views my glasses as cosmetic (although I am legally blind without them) so I should have guess that the rumor going around was just that a rumor.  No would be nice but I can always see the loose skin as a reminder of what I did to myself in Germany.
I didn’t make the Taebo shirt yet. I need to find a nice good pair of scissors, then I will be the Taebo Bunny that I am destined to be. The Boy did crack a joke one me…he said I looked like that Dog that does karate in my workout gear. I am assuming he means Hong Kong Phooey..
It warms my heart that he knows about the Hanna Barbera characters of my youth…but still…Hong Kong Phooey?? I think that is worse than being called a Weeble by my brother. LOL…
I’m hungry and I need to tend to The Girl who is sick and has lost her voice. The child MUST be sick because she hasn’t been on the phone the entire day.



  1. zappoman says:

    You have to admit that Hong Kong Phooey always seemed to kick some ass! I’d take it as a compliment. That dog had confidence!

  2. Robin says:

    LOL…yes I do remember!! I remember Hong Kong Phooey, the Laffolympics, Capt Caveman…amongst others as being my favorites. He did kick some butt…and for my son to compare me to him is awesome. Thanks for the comment…gonna add you to my blogroll as well…

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