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I was tagged by Waistloss ...who was tagged by Lady Rose of The Diet Pulpit…and it started at AlexShalman.com called Gotta Get Goals Check there for the rules…
I have so many goals that I want to achieve…the sheer number of them makes it seem impossible. I am going to try to narrow this down to the Top Ten…

  1. Have a Happy Marriage: It is no secret that I have had issues with the husband. I am thinking back to the beginning of the marriage and I am trying to find just a period of time when we were both truly happy. It is hard to come up with a specific time frame…but I know it has happened. I would love to have a caring…understanding…equal relationship with my husband. I do love him and I really believe that this marriage is worth saving.
  2. RAISE MY CHILDREN RIGHT: I am noticing that thejob of raising kids does not get easier as they age…it feels harder now than it did when they were little ones. I just want to have them go out into the world being the best that they can be…I want to know that I did a good job with them and that they have learned something from me.
  3. FINISH SCHOOL!! I feel like the World’s Oldest Student these days. I want to get a degree (even if it is an Associates Degree) in Culinary Arts. This has been a dream of mine for a long time…to accomplish something that I have been trying to complete for so long.
  4. OWN MY OWN RESTAURANT! That comes with me finishing school. Food is an important part of my life…I love to create new flavors and then watch how people react. I have used food for comfort…now I want to give comfort to others.
  5. REACH MY GOAL WEIGHT : I hate hate hate having to come up with a number for my ideal weight. I have an idea (125) but I do not know if that is the magic number…I guess I just want to get to a point where I am comfortable.
  6. MAKE THE COVER OF A FITNESS MAGAZINE. Hey! This is my dream…hopefully I will get to that point where I will be featured in a magazine to tell my story and hopefully help others.
  7. GET THROUGH ADVANCED LIVE ONE: Lordy…this tape is the bane of my existence. I want to get through the entire workout without stopping the check my pulse every ten minutes.
  8. DEVELOP FLEXIBILITY: I have noticed that there is a big difference between me doing Taebo now and when it first came out about 10 years ago. I used to be really flexible…now I feel like I have old rubber bands for muscles…it takes lots of coaxing to get my body in the position that I want it in…but I have to say I am better off now than I was a year ago. Not bad for a old broad…I just want to be a little more flexible than I am now.
  9. GET IT TOGETHER: This one is hard to explain…I just want to feel like I have things in order with my life and not feel like “the other shoe” is about to drop.
  10. DEFEAT DEPRESSION: I know…it is a chemical thing…but I would love to be able to defeat this terrible condition. It is not fair to myself or my children to have to go through these periods.

Like I said…I have so many goals…my mind is spinning. This list actually feels good to me and that is where I can begin. Life for me sometimes is a hard pill to swallow and I know I can get through it by just living day to day and keeping my eye on my goals. All of them…
Now…I have to tag others. I’ll tag Rebecca, Lisamechelle, and Christine. Happy listing!! 😀


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