Working It…

I have been working with Billy really well since I found out about the extension.  I did sit around for a day or two not doing anything but I discovered that my body LIKES to work out on a daily basis.  So I am back doing what I do best…Taebo.  I did Advanced Live 8 and 9 and quickly discovered that I don’t like those two workouts.  They seem disjointed…not thought out…and definitely a waste of my hour.  Today I went back to Advanced Live 2 and I know I made the right decision.  I need to get up a good sweat in order to know that I achieved something during the sessions.  The 8 and 9 will not be part of my routine from now on…I don’t like to think that I am wasting my time.
I still have no hunger after the workouts and I am not complaining.  I know that in the future I will be literally foraging the house looking for fuel soon.  I guess working out in the evenings is a good thing because I am still burning fat while I am sleeping.
Vanity sizing…
I am starting to hate that concept.  I know I said that I didn’t care in the beginning…but I would love to know what size I actually wear.  I got a nice pair of jeans in a Size 3 the other day.  A coworker of mine asked me what size they were and when I told her a 3 she looked at me like I had just grown a new head.  😀  Today I wore a size 5 in a different pair of jeans.  Granted…it is STILL a lot smaller than what I was last year…it would be nice to know what size I wear and not have people look at me like I am insane when I answer the dreaded “What size are those??” question. 😀
So the eating has been good…my exercise is back on track and I have an additional 90 days to sculpt my body.  I have never gotten this far into any program…taebo…Low Carbing…I have a commitment this time that I cannot explain.  This way of life is helping me with my depression…my self esteem…my appearance.  I guess not depending on a pill to make me feel better is reward enough. 
I’m tired…I’ll be back later…



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