I so rock!! I changed a battery all by myself in the car and it is working. I know this sounds fairly easy…but it wasn’t. Everyone that I told about changing the battery all suggested that I go to Sears or AutoZone and have them do it for me…it must be the fact that I have a uterus. Each person that I asked was pretty much “Oh Darlin’, You need to get someone to do it for you.


Did a test drive on the car and I brought The Girl with us…she was an expected snake and was in the car for less than 5 minutes before she started with the attitude and picking a fight with her brother. That sealed my decision to stay home and do other things today. I just do not feel like dealing with that attitude today.
I know…changing a battery is fairly easy…but the fact that my son looked at me and said “Mom can do ANYTHING!!” made me feel great. He even gave me a high five…that warmed my heart. Just goes to show me that I can accomplish anything that I want…and I DON’T need the husband there as the testosterone supervisor.


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