Mandatory Fun…

…just may be postponed today.  I had planned a Army-Like Organizational Day (Org Day or like it is affectionately called amongst the troops and their families Mandatory Fun Day) with the kids.  Unlike the Army Org Days, we were actually gonna have fun…I was taking them to the Festival of the Southwest in Sierra Vista.  The weather is beautiful (there is NO WAY I can be pissy with beautiful skies like this), the Fest Food is cooking, the rides are beckoning (I was gonna get on some of them…they remind me of the ones at the Germany Festivals I went to…seriously demented), I was getting my capris and sleeveless shirt ready, my camera has many shots to take…yep I am ready!!
BUT…the Girl is crampy.  Nothing will blow Fest Fun like a teen-aged girl having cramps, that will be like going to the Festival with The Hulk or Sybil (the multiple personalities will be out in force).  I pumped her full of Motrin and will lie in wait…I am hoping she feels better so we can all go out and have that Mandatory Fun Day like we planned.

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