Moving Right Along… OH Yes…There will be CUSSING!

…okay…The Husband pissed me the hell off. I even wrote this profanity-filled post telling him off. I read it a couple of times, even posted it. It is deleted due to the fact that I made a promise to myself that I would not post negative things on my little island away from everything. This is Rob’s dumping ground…but sometimes there are some things that are just too toxic to dump. I didn’t want to sour my spot with my wrath. Yep…wrath, I was too pissed off at him to call it anger. I feel better now and will feel much better this evening when I do a floor workout with Billy.
15 months…maybe even 18 months?? Do the people who are making these policies realize what they are doing to the soldiers and their families?? How much stress is being dumped upon them?? Instead of trying to meet up the demands for the extra troops…say WE CAN’T DO IT…WE ARE TOO STRETCHED OUT. But that will never happen…that makes too much sense to say it out loud. I was going to a meeting today, but was unable to get away from work. I have been to one of these types of meetings before…pretty much…Stay Calm, Spouses…Do Not Panic…All is Well type of meetings. The kind that you leave feeling frustrated because you still know nothing more than what you knew when you went in there. I usually go for the extra entertainment…there is usually a wife or a husband in there who doesn’t give a damn what the rank of the person is that is speaking…that will go off on that person. The drama is usually high. In the end you are left with the feeling you just got told to “DEAL!” in the nicest possible way. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Later…I have been writing this for a long time and I got the email that I have been waiting for…of course it was exactly what I thought. They are being extended for 90 days…it DOES include the unit my husband is in…the Secretary of Defense is sorry (Gee…thanks Dude…that REALLY makes me feel so much better about this extension…tell you what…why don’t YOU separate yourself from your family for almost a year…and then have your Boss tell you…Sorry…but you have to add another three months to the separation…then tell me how GREAT the sorry makes YOU feel ! NOT TOO GREAT…NOT THAT MUCH COMFORT!!), we are to keep our spirits HIGH, morale is high (I find that bullshit hard to believe), AND did I mention that the people who think up this shit is sorry?? Son of a BITCH!! I know…I sound a little hostile. Just a little bitter…but seeing as though this is my 4th fucking deployment that I am dealing with…I am at the end of being patient…and I am one patient bitch. Just ask friends and family who know me and KNOW that I tend to suck it up…to be quiet and keep appearances. Right now I don’t fucking feel like being nice…but I am prefacing that with a SORRY. So now I am looking at an additional 3 months of being alone…of trying to keep a brave face…KEEPING MY MARRIAGE GOING ( The military is confused as to why there are so many divorces amongst the troops…I wonder the fuck why??) and of worrying about all the troops (including my husband) that they make it home safe and that this additional time away is not disastrous for anyone.
I seriously want something to drink…but I just got finished doing a half-assed workout (I just couldn’t concentrate) and I don’t want to start up the bad habits that I let go of just because I am upset. Besides…my stomach is KILLING ME RIGHT NOW.
Sorry for the rant (oops there is that “sorry” again) but I am PISSED…powerfully pissed to be honest. To literally find out about this last night while flipping through channels is messed up…I have been literally sitting around all day with the What the fuck?? look on my face.
My heart goes out to all of the troops…to their families (this is hard…but we can deal…a military spouse is made up of some tough stuff) and I will keep everyone in my prayers
Later …

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