Since I made the declaration that I would start building a better body one Taebo Tape at a time…I completed Advanced Live Vol 1.  Jeez!  This time I achieved the taebo sweat that seems to be the norm in all of Bill’s workouts.  I am going to be feeling this tomorrow…one good thing about this particular workout…I AM NOT HUNGRY!!  I do not have the desire to eat a darn thing…I will probably drink an Atkins Shake to make sure I have some protein to feed my body…that and the cheese and water I will be chewing on while I watch “Moses”.  Easter is a time for renewal…rebirth…what better way to start my journey than with the 1st tape from the Advanced Live Series!! I feel great!!
Off to watch my 4 hour movie…Later!!



  1. Hey, Robin — I haven’t ever done the Tae Bo work outs, but I kick box 2-3 times a week at our local mixed martial arts gym. Talk about a kicka$$ workout!
    If you do this consistently, along with your low carb eating, you will have the fat dripping off of you.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Brian…I started collecting the Taebo workouts in 1999 because I went to a kick-boxing class and fell in love with that kind of workout. I am HOPING that the end result of all of this is the fat being gone and replaced by lean long muscles. I have been consistent with the Taebo and low carb life since August and I am ecstatic with the results. 120 days isnt that long of a time…I know this time will pass…
    I’m adding you to my blogroll….

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