Old Pictures

Well…it seems my hand was forced and I HAD TO get all of my old photos onto a web album.   My computer is on its last legs…going through death throes…hard drive clicking…NOT A GOOD THING!! 
So…I discovered that Picasa has a web album that I could use…so I transferred a good bit of old photos to that site.
Please be kind…these are old pictures…some of them were during a time of my life I would rather forget.  If anything you can see the difference between what I look like now and then.  The kids looks SO young…most of these are Germany pictures.  I will be adding more to the album as I locate more pictures.



  1. notbecky says:

    OMG… I totally remember taking the ones of you on the roller coaster!!! In fact, it’s getting to be Spring fest time here and I was thinking about that night the other day.
    Man, seems like yesterday….

  2. Robin says:

    When I was moving the pictures…the memories were flooding in. It is amazing…I said the same thing…Germany seemed like yesterday to mr. Do you see how much the kids have grown since then?? I am starting to feel my age … they are growing up so fast… 🙁

  3. notbecky says:

    No kidding! There is one of Lo in there that made me shake my head.
    It made me think a lot about my son, and how he was 4 then, and now “little” he was, and how he worshiped the ground Jay walked on. It took him MONTHS to get over you were not moving back. Hell, once in a while he still asks if he will ever see “Ms. Robin’s son” again.

  4. Robin says:

    I am looking at pictures of P and I swear he has grown a foot since I have last seen him. The possibility still exists that we will end up Overseas again…I just hope this time things will be better and I won’t be so nutty. 🙂 Hell…I’m nutty so I guess it will be the same. The kids are always asking about your son, you and S…BTW…I am so happy how things worked out for you! My life has been a whirlwind these past couple of months. It is amazing how running your mouth makes things happen to you. I am looking to get a new computer…this one is making weird noises ,,,Maybe a MAC this time?? I am so glad when you drop in…
    Im putting more pics on as I speak…I swear some of those pictures are making me scream in spite of myself. I can’t believe how much I had let myself go…I guess that is what depression does to a person.

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