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They are casting for I Love New York 2.  I was addicted to I Love New York…I just couldn’t believe how much drama was generated from one person.  Call it a guilty pleasure… 🙂 
The reunion show ended badly…the person that she chose dumped her on the stage.  I figured they would do another show…especially since there was a Flavor of Love 1 and 2.  Yeah…Flavor of Love was another show I just couldn’t get enough of…it was too funny.


I seem to be having issues with the three column theme showing all of my content…so for right now it will be the default theme until I can figure this out.  I don’t have the patience right now to mess with this…just wanted to let everyone know that I am not just changing the looks constantly.  Just trying to find one that works…I will hopefully have the look that I had originally…
Sigh!  🙁


I’m having issues with my blog right now…please bear with me while I get the presentation correct…this is pissing me off big time!
I do not have multiple personalities…at least ones that would change the look of this blog over and over again.

The Jeans…

Okay…I finished the workouts…they kicked my butt. I was able to get some pictures taken with me and the jeans that used to be really tight on me. I JUST finished working out so I look a hot mess…but I wanted to share. This is the reason I am staying the course with exercise and low carbing…

This is me in the jeans sitting down:
I am the one sitting in the front with the white shirt and the bun in my hair…TRYING to look and think thin. 🙂 I don’t think I was breathing because I was sucking it in…LOL!!  I was so upset that they took this picture of me.  Funny…I was still shocked when I saw myself in the picture.  I even asked “Am I really that big??” 
I didn’t take many pictures at that size so that is the closest I could find. The jeans are a size 14…I can see the difference now…wow! What a difference a year makes!

Today's Workout…

Since it is Sunday I NEED to watch Charm School and Celebrity Fit Club tonight…plus make dinner I am going to get in my workout a little earlier than usual.
Taebo Advanced Live 11 and Focus series Abs and Glutes …that will equal about 90 minutes of moving in oxygen. I think that is a great way of starting the week off right. I don’t care that Twenty-One is on right now…I NEED to see those two shows. I swear if I EVER got rid of DirectTV I would be lost…I mostly watch Game Show Network, Bravo, Lifetime, and VH1…most of those channels need to be purchased separately with cable and I know my withdrawal would be severe if I had to give them up. Hell…this is better than overeating.
Kellie (my sister in law) is out of the hospital and resting now. I hope she gets better soon!
I am off to sweat and I will be back later…

Billy, Billy, Billy…

…he whupped my butt in tonight’s workout. I completed Taebo Total Advanced 3…I will be feeling that one tomorrow. I am pulling out the weight bench from the garage and tomorrow I will be doing some workouts with my dumbbells. They range from 3 pounds to 25 pounds. I have the Body for Life book to get a couple of bench workout ideas. I’m just not sure if I should do cardio first and then the weights. I am completely clueless when it comes to weights…ask me anything about cardio and I could probably give some good advice, but when it comes to weight training I am lost. I guess that is the reason I don’t go to the Gym as much as I should…I do the cardio, but when I go to the weight rooms I wander around looking at the various machines and get thoroughly confused. Oh well…this way of life is a learning process for me. I will try to get as much info as I can from books and a few of my online links and see what I can come up with. I know if I add more lean mass to my body I will burn fat more efficiently.
I found a pair of pants that were too tight for me last year…they are huge to me now. My daughter wants me to post a picture of the difference between now and then. I just have to find a photo of me being squeezed in them somewhere on my computer. I look at those pants and I thank God that I decided to embark upon my journey. Low Carb and exercise has been a godsend to me…it is very hard for me to wrap my mind around how big those pants look to me now. Things like that make me continue on with what I am doing…

One More Thing…

(I’m about to workout…I promise)…I was with my Brother yesterday and I noticed that he looked thinner.  He was transferred to Ft Huachuca to work for the next couple of months so he has been going to the Gym.  I am so proud of him BUT I am now gonna start going back with him.  I get off work the same time as he does and I really have NO EXCUSE to not go…I work across the street from the Gym.  I am hoping we can start up Team Wondertwin again…I really liked the way the elliptical worked my legs and my butt.  We all know that a fabulous ass at 38 is a good thing!!
Let’s Make A Deal is almost over…then it will be Taebo for me.

What A Week!!

Let’s recap…My week from Hell started on Sunday when I noticed that my daughter was out of breath. She was coughing and had a horrendous fever…she also slept the entire weekend which is odd. I brought her to the clinic…they diagnosed her with pneumonia. I decided to take time off work to make her better. In the meantime…I stayed on course with the diet (mostly) and I got in exercise while the child was asleep. She gets better and I finally get back to work and start to focus on the Baby Shower for my baby sister in law. I call and call on Friday only to discover that she was hospitalized for dehydration. She is still in the hospital BUT the shower is definitely postponed until a later date. I also found out that the Husband is being moved to another location (it is dangerous to move anywhere in Iraq) so I will not have any communication from him for a while. I also have major guilt over throwing Voodoo out after finding out that he has been peeing all over the place and ruining clothes and my damned dryer. I may have to replace the appliance because I can’t get the smell out. I did TRY to give him another chance and the first thing he did was go upstairs and pee on my bed. Luckily he didn’t soak the mattress but that locked my decision and he was out. I am unable to catch him (he wont have ANY contact with humans) but he did run out and I haven’t seen him anywhere. If I CAN eventually get him I will take him to the pound and maybe someone can adopt him and he will be the only pet in the house.
Now…I didn’t work out at all on Thursday or Friday. My eating was shit…the stress of everything made me just say to hell with it and I ended up not making the best choices and just not doing a damned thing those past two days. I woke up this morning and didn’t make the best choice for breakfast (Organic Kettle Chips…Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper) but I realized what I was doing before I demolished the entire bag. I decided to get online and see if there was something out there that would inspire me to stop the carb loading and get my ass back on track.
I knew about a plan from Low Carb Friends called the Kimmer Experiment. Lots of people lost weight on her way of low carbing so I tried to get some information on it. There is some but not that much…I found out that there is a place called that I could visit. She does charge a one time fee of 39.95…BUT I got the information that I needed and there is tons of information and help available. I figure I have spent so much money on dieting…exercise videos…books…this one time fee wont hurt. I will be going on the three-day protein only diet to jump start me back into ketosis. I have been adding way too many carbs into my diet so I need to “meat fast” to get them out. It does take about three days to rid your body of the carbohydrates and have it start burning fat. I like when I am in ketosis because I lose weight faster…I have energy…and my mind is clearer. I have a lifetime membership to the site with the one time payment so even if I decide that Kimkins to too restrictive I will still have a message board to go to and chat with people who understand my way of eating.
After the three day meat fast I will join one of the Bootcamps. Hell…I’m a Army wife so it makes sense for me to join in the challenge and get my ass in gear.
I will be working out today…right after I find out Kellie is out of the hospital and after I prepare Waistloss’ Just A Little Too…Wings. THOSE ARE THE BEST!!
I’m glad this week is over…I’m looking forward to hopefully a little less drama next week.


Sigh…I was a Bum last night.  I had every intention of working out but the death of my Sim changed everything.  I play the Sims 2 every now and again, especially when I need to just veg out and do something that requires little thinking.  I decided to work on My Sim and everything was going great.  Her skills were up…her mood was GREAT…she was in love.  A spontaneous fire in the backyard changed everything.  Suddenly a kind of “wild fire” just started in the backyard and of course my Sim decides to go down there and be alarmed.  I still had an hour before her carpool came so I decided to make her extinguish the fire.  All was going great…the fire was out and the car came by to pick her up for work…now tell me why suddenly her pant leg catches on fire…then suddenly the entire Sim is in flames and I am powerless to stop it.  The final irritation was the game hinting at the fact that I killed my Sim on purpose.  Sigh…I decided to keep her dead…create a new Sim and move that one in.  Since I decided to keep the grave on the property I now have a very angry fire ghost hanging around the house.  It makes the game more interesting, but still…she just burst into flames.
Anyway…I didn’t workout last night…instead…I played God and ate Burger King.  It was a nice break but today will definitely be a workout day for me.  My eating was clean all day today and I have been drinking tons of water.  I am still looking at Taebo Amped as an alternate workout because I am speeding through the ones that I have in my possession.  The only thing that is bothering me is all the negative reviews that Billy’s website is getting about ordering.  You end up getting all of these extra things added to your bill and end up paying more than you need to in the end.  So I am checking around for the complete Amped system through another company…I really don’t want my image of Billy to be warped due to incompetent people selling his product.
OK…I did something terrible last night…so terrible it has me feeling just as bad today.  I threw Voodoo out the house last night.  Now…before anyone calls me a monster (I already feel bad)…there was a reason I did this and it prevented me from wringing his neck.  Voodoo was a stray that was given to me as a kitten.  He is a nice enough cat…but he developed a severe fright of ANYONE who even looked like they would come within 20 feet of him.  He avoided all human contact…would hide the entire day and only come out when he was sure that there were no people around.  The damned cat was so scary that he wouldn’t go near his food bowl if there was anyone in the area.  He picked up this nasty habit of shunning the cat box and instead peeing on clothes (clean, dirty, in a basket, in the goddamn DRYER), shoes, furniture, pretty much everything and anywhere other than the cat box.  I have been trying to be patient…trying to understand that this is a quirk with some cats and their way of marking their territory.  The last straw was yesterday…my house smelled like a cat box because the cat decided that it would be a great fecking idea to pee on both chairs in the living  room…I cleaned that up (pissed off beyond all pissed off…I hate the way the chemical smells that cleans out the urine) and went about the rest of the evening.  What caused me to kick his narrow ass out of the house?? Well, later that night I went to the dryer to get my newly washed and dried clothes to fold and put away…I left the dryer door open while I went to get my basket…when I came back I saw the cat running out of the laundry room and hid under the table.  I smelled before I discovered the cat piss…the fucker jumped in the dryer and soaked my clean clothes with cat pee.  Not only that…the dryer now has to be bleached and treated to get the smell out…THAT WAS IT!
If I would have touched the Fucker I would have killed him.  I grabbed a broom…opened the back door and walked towards the ‘Tard.  He ran right out of the house without me having to touch him in any way.  I will not let him back in….if he decides to come back (I doubt his anti-social ass will) I will try to get him in a box and bring him to the pound.  I spent the next two and a half hours cleaning out the laundry room…the dryer…and re washing my clothes.  I know that Voodoo is the pee culprit because for the first time I woke up this morning without smelling that nasty cat piss smell giving me a headache.  I do feel bad…but not that bad.  I live in Government Housing and I would have to pay out of the ass to get the urine stains out of the floors and the smell out of the house itself.
I told the kids what happened and I was expecting them to be upset…apparently Voodoo had been voted “off the island” a long time ago.  They were just trying to find a way to catch him…
Like I said…I still feel bad…but not that bad.  Everytime I smell or have to clean out cat piss from my clothes, floor, or furniture…I will know that I made the right decision.

Checking in…

Just wanted to check in.  My daughter has pneumonia…so the past couple of days have been stressful for me.  She is still in bed sleeping…I’m just trying to get her to cough to loosen all that stuff in her lungs.  I swear all the exciting stuff happens when the Husband is deployed overseas.  I know that NOTHING will happen when he gets back.   I guess all the excitement is being saved for me.  😀  I think I will keep her out of school for the rest of the week.  I am bringing her back to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure the medicines are working the way that they are supposed to be working.  I made her laugh (I have to get her coughing some kind of way)…told her to be on the lookout for little Pink Christina Aguilera Monsters 
since she is taking a codeine based cough syrup.  I have bad reactions to codeine and most other pain killers (I seriously hallucinate…last time I took something with codeine in it I saw strange things at the foot of my bed) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she reacts the same way.  I am worried…but I am glad I caught this in time.  I don’t think I could have handled seeing my child in the hospital.

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