I have some pictures of me and my new haircut.  Now…they were taken today at work (my son swiped my camera and the new one I ordered from AAFES is suddenly out of stock..that is another EXCITING story)…I was rushing around taking pictures of different displays.


 Excuse the bathroom at work shot…
When I get home I will post more shots…
after I exercise of course.  Later



  1. Robin says:

    I don’t know…I have to get used to it…I feel like my head is 10 pounds lighter. There was so much hair n the floor when she was done!
    Thanks so much for the compliment…

  2. waistloss says:

    Look at you! Looking all slim and fine with your new doo! The work is really paying off. You look good. Keep it up!

  3. Judith says:

    After I talked to Kellie today I pulled up your blog and I must tell you that you look great. I haven’t seen you in over a year and I am amazed at how well you did. PLEASE give me your secret because I need to work on my weight ASAP. I also enjoyed reading your blog. Very entertaining.

  4. Judith says:

    I just read what I wrote to you earlier, and I noticed that I spelled entertaining wrong. I usually spell a little better than that. Sorry.

  5. Robin says:

    Miss Judy…
    I appreciate your comment. I just stay away from bread, starches, sugar…I am doing the Atkins diet.
    I fixed the error …:)

  6. lisamechelle says:

    I love when people ask you “your secret.” It’s not really a secret, it’s so common sense, it hurts. It’s the commitment you have to sticking to it that amazes me the most. You’re my thinspiration, baby!

  7. Christine says:

    It looks so cute! Thank goodness I found my old browser links and so fourth, I almost lost your site! Mine is down due to my co-host messing with the server. I haven’t gone anywhere. =)

  8. Sister-in-law says:

    Well Lisamechelle I will keep this “simple” so that I won’t have to be edited. In my opinion there are many people that have tried many methods of weight loss with no success. So when they are asking for a “secret” they aren’t asking for the “common sense” portion as you mentioned. They want to know what keeps the person commited and what gives them the stamina and inspiration to keep going. Comments like yours really discourage people from seeking help.

  9. lisamechelle says:

    Well, sis-in-law, since you obviously took my comment the wrong way, I didn’t mean it as a “slam” to anyone. Anyone who’s been reading Robin as long as I have knows it’s her dedication to Atkins and exercise that is keeping her slim. I admire her willpower, and all I’m saying is that’s what’s going to keep it off. I’ve been on and off the diet wagon for years now, so I sympathize, and I’m certainly not discouraging anyone from anything.

  10. girlfiend says:

    How is lisamechelle’s comment discouraging? She’s simply lauding Robin for her success, her stamina and commitment. Anyway, the haircut is fabulous as is the body. Looking good!

  11. Sister-in-law says:

    If you really need to know why I thought her comment was discouraging it was because of the way she put the words your secret in quotes which is obvious sarcasm and saying that it is so common sense it hurts. This is my mother who never goes on the internet that felt the need to congratulate Robin and make a comment and I felt that her comment was being attacked. I am very protective of those that are close to me and I felt that my mother was being insulted. It is very discouraging for someone that never really gets on the internet to share anything to read that someone has responded to their comments in that way. I really don’t comment much for that same reason. I don’t really know what tone the comments were written in maybe I was jumping to conclusions. That is the way that I interpreted what was written.

  12. Robin says:

    I LOVE YOU ALL!! 🙂 I am a comments ho …and I have to admit … it is nice to see that there are people reading the blog. It is really hard to decipher what a person is actually saying (the tone) in comments. I consider all of you my family…and sometimes families have spats.
    Everyone has made such wonderful comments to me about my weight loss. I guess that means what I am doing is working and hopefully someone will be touched by my journey.
    Now…all together now…like Barney the Dinosaur…
    I love YOU!
    You love Me!
    We’re a Great Big Family

    Okay…I pulled Barney out of the Creepy Things I Don’t Need to Remember part of my brain…
    Oh Dear!
    I love you all…let’s just not add Barney to the image…

  13. lisamechelle says:

    Just one more comment. I use quotation marks to use a phrase someone said (thus quotation marks), and it’s seldom used as anything else. I also use hyphen marks too much, too. It’s my style, not an insult. The reason I said it’s so common sense it hurts is because it hurts me that I can’t stick to it. You really were reading too much into it, I certainly never meant to offend anyone.

  14. Robin says:

    I have been on a continuous diet since I was 15 years old…22 years is a long time to finally get it right. I feel ya Lisa with the “hurt” comment because we all KNOW that sticking to any diet plan works…and it does hurt to feel that it is almost impossible to reach your goal. I’ve seen your pictures Lisa and for the life of me I cannot see any extra weight to be lost…you have been my inspiration…wanting to be as beautiful as you are in your pictures. This has been a giant misunderstanding…and I do not want to lose either of you. I am inspired to know that there are people out there that actually care about what is going on in my looney life.
    Love You All!!

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