It has been a long while since I have posted.  Lots of things have happened…I have been getting ready for the taping of my profile with Lifetime.  I have been a nervous wreck trying to get everything in order…and the last thing for me to do is to get my hair cut.  I know that I shouldn’t have waited until the week before…but it is something that I need to do.  The hair that I have now is flat…and too long.
I’m at work…I will write again after I go to the stylist….wish me luck people!!
I have always had bad luck with getting my hair cut…



  1. Robin says:

    Lisa…I love the new look. Too bad Blog-City is charging now. I tried to comment but for some reason I can’t get into Blogger comments…can’t read or comment on the site. It isnt just your blog…it seems to be all of them. I changed your link address. I understand about the mice…how about this…think about huge assed RATS infesting your home and stove…HUZZ!! I am really you glad you like the new look…I had to get rid of my comfort zone of hair…a new look for a new body and attitude…

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