It's Time…

…for me to realize that I do NOT wear 1X, X-Large or Large tops anymore.  I have to reprogram my mind into seeing that I can sport a Medium.  Sporting a Medium really well I might add.  I could probably get into a Small shirt, but I am not yet ready to delve into those unknown waters just yet. 
 I went to the store and I found this beautiful, flowing, flower- child shirt.  It fits my personality exactly but smallest size that they carried was an X-Large.  Sigh!  I have been buying X-Large and 1X for so long that I grabbed the shirt without trying it on or anything.  It is too big.  I am devastated.  Well…kinda devastated…feels kinda good to see and feel yourself shrinking.  This beautiful flower- child flowey shirt will be passed on to my teeny, yet extremely pregnant, Baby Sister in Law.  So…after finding out that the XL was too big for me I had to find another shirt ( had to be just as fabulous as the prior shirt)…pulled out the Medium that I have on now (shocked that it is a little big on me) and VIOLA!  I wear a medium top now.  I think it is time for another round of clean out the closet.  I am shrinking…but my wardrobe is growing.
I guess I really have to get my mind and eyes to catch up with my body.  I am getting smaller, but my mind still yells for me to pick up 14’s and XL.  I really wish this will happen soon…I am getting tired of having to return or give away really cute clothes.
BTW…scored some EXTREMELY cute Polo jeans in a size….5 (the 2 was a vanity size)…WOO-FECKING-HOO!!  I still have to get used to these smaller sizes that I am wearing.  I know one thing…I have never felt this good on any diet that I have followed.  I must stress…IF you decide to go low carb, read the book and follow the plan like it is written.  Sure tweak it here and there , but don’t think you can eat a stick of butter with bacon everyday.  LOL…  Low carb works!!  Period. OH…and exercise!!  Find something that you like to do and then do it with gusto.  Mine is an affair with Billy…what is your passion?? 🙂



  1. Two Witches says:

    Totally Awesomeand congrats !!!! I am now in an extra large – but I refuse to spend money yet on new clothes. I have a few extra larges around from my last weight loss efforts, but I’m going to wear the 1x and 2x till they fall off — well maybe not fall off but at least until the weather stays warm, then I’ll probably buy a few new small items. I am adding you to my blogroll. 🙂 Lady Rose, , co-author Incredible Shrinking Ladies blog

  2. waistloss says:

    Way to go Tiny Woman!
    I’m not low carb but I have cut way back on it. I was a bread and rice at every meal kinda guy. Now I only have rice once every two weeks or so. And only whole wheat bread on sandwiches. No bread just for bread’s sake. It’s helping and I do feel better.

  3. BamaGal says:

    First of all congrats on the weight loss—you should be very proud of yourself
    about not being able to see yourself as smaller–it is common–it is called body dysmorphia—you don’t see yourself as you truly are..
    in my case—I had weight loss surgery and lost over 200 lbs but up until a few months ago I was still wearing my size 6x clothes—when I finally went to buy some things that actually fit–I was in a size 10—so now when I do shop I always take someone with me—when I look in the mirror I still see the super obese me—it is a slow process to finally see myself thinner—but I’m working on it…

  4. Lori says:

    That is so awesome! It’s very hard for me to get my head around whatever size I am. You are doing so fantastic! Keep up the great work.

  5. Robin says:

    I think that is exactly what it is…I honestly do not see that much of a difference between now and then. It is really bad, I am now taking my daughter with me when I go to try on clothes. When I go to pick up a 12 or a 14…my child literally slaps it out of my hand and hands me the 5. 🙁 Does your mind ever catch up with your body??
    Lady Rose…Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!! And I did the same thing…hung onto the bigger clothes until they literally started to fall down and off me.
    Bama…CONGRATS on the loss!! How did you possible keep the 6x’s on?? I still have some 1 and 2X shirts that I refuse to get rid of…comfort I guess.
    Lori…You are doing a great job with your weight loss…I am glad I am not the only one that has a body image issue.
    And finally…WAIST…LEAVE THE DARK SIDE OF CARBS….LOL! I am glad that you are seeing benefits from just cutting out some of the sugar and starches…Wheat bread is great…and if you must have rice eat brown rice. I am HARDCORE Atkins (Probably the Paleo Diet as well…more Paleo than Atkins) so I shun all that stuff. Look into South Beach…you are a Foodie like me and I am sure you will enjoy the different recipes.
    Thank you all for commenting… 🙂

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