…this virus damned near took me out!!  Thank goodness for NyQuil…that stuff would cure a gunshot wound.  I am still a little congested and coughing a bit but the fever is gone.  Back to low carbing and exercise for me!!  Woohoo!! 
I am exercising again…did Billy two days in a row.  I want to lose about 10 pounds by March 31.  I hate making short term goals for myself…BUT…I am being shot for a Video Portrait about Military Wives.  I was shocked when they asked me to do this…and being the classic crab (I’m a Cancer) I backed away from it with the quickness.  Unfortunately…I told Momma.  My Momma is a classic Leo…pretty much told me that:

  1. I am too OLD to be scared.
  2. I am almost middle aged (now how did that happen? I’m still a Spring Chicken!!)
  3. My father chimed in with he is at the Goal Posts of Life!  😀  (His birthday is this week)
  4. This is the third time that someone took interest in me (I applied for Hell’s Kitchen twice…they wrote me back and I never responded)
  5. They contacted Me…I didn’t apply for anything this time.  Just wrote on the blog about my semi-humorous-sad-tragic-exercise riddled-low carb life.
  6. AND…she wouldn’t speak to me if I crab-walked out of this one.

Soooo…I emailed them back and got some information.  It will not be on TV…just Online…but that doesn’t make me any more nervous or scared.  They will pretty much talk to me about my life as a army spouse.  What I think…how I cope…what I do…(and that is scary because I am not the typical wife) so apparently they find me interesting enough to video tape me.  Now I have to do something interesting I guess.  I chat with my husband on the weekend…I am fortunate enough to chat with him almost daily…most wives do not have that luxury…and I wish everyone in my situation could communicate with their deployed spouses.  I wash clothes…sometimes I go to the Mall (Hallway …you can see from one end of the Hall to the other…it has a Sears and a Dillard’s…that is it!) or I hang out with my Brother and Sister in Law.  That is it…OH..I go to the Commissary to shop (can’t get enough of that place). When I emailed the producer she gave me some idea about it, but not all.  They will be contacting me soon to let me know the specifics.  It will be a huge production because I live on this Post and they will need permission to come here with cameras.  It is even a possibility that they will be escorted by personnel from this Post.  I am scared shitless…I am very bad at meeting new people …worse at interviews…painfully shy around strangers.  So why am I subjecting myself to this??  I want my daughter and son to see that even if you are AFRAID (scared shitless in my case) of new situations…it is possible to overcome your fears and achieve anything. 
That and Momma told me she wouldn’t speak to me…LOL! 😀  Gotta love Momma!!
So…I have been busy after dealing with the crud that was given to me last week.  The young lady that gave me the crud has it again and of course she comes to my desk again.  I was armed with Lysol this time and everyone in the office was complaining that they didn’t like the smell.  Um??  Like I care!  I am the one with the continuous cold because everyone and their Mammy stops by my desk.  I say…deal!  I am not getting sick like that again!  104 degree fever is not my idea of a fun time on a Friday!
Anyway…I have been sticking to my Low Carb plan …not eating any Frankenfoods, just clean eating.  Protein, veggies, water, and exercise.  I feel better already!  I am so tired…I did Ultimate Abs with Billy tonight (and for the first time I got through the whole hour…GO ME!) and I need a shower and some rest.  I am still a little sick and I have to go to work a little early in the morning. 
Here is a picture of The Girl and her…ahem…Boyfriend.  A friend of her’s drew it for her and I promised my daughter I would share it with my four readers… 😀  It is really a cute drawing…

Later All!



  1. Mama says:

    Love the drawing. It’s really cute. I love the photos. You are looooking good babee. Don’t lose too much more or you will have the turkey neck look like I did. I think you have reached that perfect look. You look healthy and glowing. Let’s not go for the skelator look. Even Dad says you’re looking good babe, but he never thought otherwise. He always knows you are beautiful.
    Well enough sounding like a greeting card or lifetime.Lol
    Remember, be you!! People like who you are surprise, surprise but I’ve just been saying that for years and years.
    Lo is doing really well with her photos. She did a great job with the black and white photos. Did she take Jay’s pictures too? I like the thoughtful pose of you. I ‘m going to make a picture of one of them to sit out in my front.
    Well, gotta go. It is your Dady’s birthday today, hint, hint.
    Time for out of state kids to call and say happy happy Dad.
    Love always,

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