Still sick….

…and I feel like I am about to pitch my guts!!  That still doesn’t make me want candy any less.  I’m not gonna eat any…I’m a bad sick and just want the candy because it is a comfort food.  Sigh.  I still have to go into work tomorrow because I have things that need to get done.  That darn responsibility gene has kicked in…always does when I am considering calling out sick.
I didn’t go to Target…I didn’t workout…I didn’t even cook.  Thank God for Wendy’s and teens who would rather eat fast food than a home cooked meal.  I am thankful that Wendy’s carries Coke Zero instead of Diet Coke.  The elixir of the gods if you ask me!!  I am extremely thirsty…must be my fever.  I will find that person who was sick and I will return the favor and roll all over her desk tomorrow morning.  Since she was so willing to share “The Virus” with me I will share it back…I can’t be selfish with this crud.  🙁
I got an interesting call today…from someone who is interested in my life.  I look at my life and sometimes go…Eh!  What I write in my blog actually happens to me, BUT…when it is transferred from my real life to my written life it tends to come across as funny and whimsical.  Heh…trust me when I say it doesn’t seem funny to me when it is happening.  “A Day In A Life”…that makes me look at my days in my life and I can’t for the life of me see anything that inordinate about my life!  🙂  Oh well…I will see what happens later…I can’t talk about this…just because I’m really not sure if I can at this point.  Once I get more information…I will spill my guts.  Right now though…I really feel like pitching my guts so I will go and lie down.
I work to do and a COLD to retransmit to someone.  I have to give this lovely feeling back to its owner… 🙂


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