One more thing…

…while illuminating fever (I swear I am glowing)…
I am trying to find something to watch (or to actually watch me while I pass out from this crud)  …I am trying to wonder how many times the movie channels will show Flightplan.  Don’t get me wrong…it is a great movie..but damn!  I no longer have to watch the movie, just listen and I see it in my mind.  That is the amount of times they have shown this movie.  I am paying way too much for DirectTV…seriously.
On a less bitchier note…I was able to find and destroy the 100 plus viruses (between two computers) tonight.  Sometimes when I am sick…solutions come to me!  WOOHOO!  I can now email and IM friends without the fear of infecting their computers.  I am this-close to being less grouchy.
OK…now I am REALLY going to sleep…even if that means I turn on Flightplan…again!

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