Oh Dear…

I done did it…I cheated on Billy and did a Firm workout.  I said that I wanted to incorporate weights to my workouts because I want to tone and firm.  I have to face it…I NEED TO TONE at my age.  So I have basically been trying to mix things up with my workouts to shock my body into doing something different.  My eating has been good as well…not gonna fix anything that isn’t broken.  🙂
I haven’t worked out with my Brother lately but that will change soon.  They are in the process of moving to a new place so I will not push him until after he is settled.  They found a great place with a sweet landlord…I am so happy for them.  I really believe that they have an Angel watching over them.  If you have EVER tried to rent a place in this city you would know what I am talking about…no one trusts anyone around here and you pretty much have to give a urine and blood sample so they can check out your DNA before they rent to you.  It is sad that things have come to such extremes these days.
Speaking of sad…my husband sent me this link:  Drill Sergeant Accused of Forcing Trainee to Dress as Superman, Submit to Sex Acts
FOX News

SIGH…I really have nothing more to say other than it is a shame that there are NCOs out there that make the Army look so bad.  It is bad enough with all the stuff going on about Walter Reed…now this story about this “Non-Commissioned Officer” comes out to further the disgrace.  There are so many good troops out there…unfortunately most of the times the bad stuff is the only thing that is reported.  Disgusting… 🙁
I have been busy at work…really busy!!  It is making the time go by faster so I am really not complaining that much.  Just when SpongeBob (one of the Supervisors there) starts in with me…I just breathe in and out…then imagine me using some Taebo moves on him.  🙂
I have more to say but I put in A Scanner Darkly and I suspect this is a movie that I have to watch from the beginning…
Later!! 🙂

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