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I have some pictures of me and my new haircut.  Now…they were taken today at work (my son swiped my camera and the new one I ordered from AAFES is suddenly out of stock..that is another EXCITING story)…I was rushing around taking pictures of different displays.


 Excuse the bathroom at work shot…
When I get home I will post more shots…
after I exercise of course.  Later


It has been a long while since I have posted.  Lots of things have happened…I have been getting ready for the taping of my profile with Lifetime.  I have been a nervous wreck trying to get everything in order…and the last thing for me to do is to get my hair cut.  I know that I shouldn’t have waited until the week before…but it is something that I need to do.  The hair that I have now is flat…and too long.
I’m at work…I will write again after I go to the stylist….wish me luck people!!
I have always had bad luck with getting my hair cut…

It's Time…

…for me to realize that I do NOT wear 1X, X-Large or Large tops anymore.  I have to reprogram my mind into seeing that I can sport a Medium.  Sporting a Medium really well I might add.  I could probably get into a Small shirt, but I am not yet ready to delve into those unknown waters just yet. 
 I went to the store and I found this beautiful, flowing, flower- child shirt.  It fits my personality exactly but smallest size that they carried was an X-Large.  Sigh!  I have been buying X-Large and 1X for so long that I grabbed the shirt without trying it on or anything.  It is too big.  I am devastated.  Well…kinda devastated…feels kinda good to see and feel yourself shrinking.  This beautiful flower- child flowey shirt will be passed on to my teeny, yet extremely pregnant, Baby Sister in Law.  So…after finding out that the XL was too big for me I had to find another shirt ( had to be just as fabulous as the prior shirt)…pulled out the Medium that I have on now (shocked that it is a little big on me) and VIOLA!  I wear a medium top now.  I think it is time for another round of clean out the closet.  I am shrinking…but my wardrobe is growing.
I guess I really have to get my mind and eyes to catch up with my body.  I am getting smaller, but my mind still yells for me to pick up 14’s and XL.  I really wish this will happen soon…I am getting tired of having to return or give away really cute clothes.
BTW…scored some EXTREMELY cute Polo jeans in a size….5 (the 2 was a vanity size)…WOO-FECKING-HOO!!  I still have to get used to these smaller sizes that I am wearing.  I know one thing…I have never felt this good on any diet that I have followed.  I must stress…IF you decide to go low carb, read the book and follow the plan like it is written.  Sure tweak it here and there , but don’t think you can eat a stick of butter with bacon everyday.  LOL…  Low carb works!!  Period. OH…and exercise!!  Find something that you like to do and then do it with gusto.  Mine is an affair with Billy…what is your passion?? 🙂


…this virus damned near took me out!!  Thank goodness for NyQuil…that stuff would cure a gunshot wound.  I am still a little congested and coughing a bit but the fever is gone.  Back to low carbing and exercise for me!!  Woohoo!! 
I am exercising again…did Billy two days in a row.  I want to lose about 10 pounds by March 31.  I hate making short term goals for myself…BUT…I am being shot for a Video Portrait about Military Wives.  I was shocked when they asked me to do this…and being the classic crab (I’m a Cancer) I backed away from it with the quickness.  Unfortunately…I told Momma.  My Momma is a classic Leo…pretty much told me that:

  1. I am too OLD to be scared.
  2. I am almost middle aged (now how did that happen? I’m still a Spring Chicken!!)
  3. My father chimed in with he is at the Goal Posts of Life!  😀  (His birthday is this week)
  4. This is the third time that someone took interest in me (I applied for Hell’s Kitchen twice…they wrote me back and I never responded)
  5. They contacted Me…I didn’t apply for anything this time.  Just wrote on the blog about my semi-humorous-sad-tragic-exercise riddled-low carb life.
  6. AND…she wouldn’t speak to me if I crab-walked out of this one.

Soooo…I emailed them back and got some information.  It will not be on TV…just Online…but that doesn’t make me any more nervous or scared.  They will pretty much talk to me about my life as a army spouse.  What I think…how I cope…what I do…(and that is scary because I am not the typical wife) so apparently they find me interesting enough to video tape me.  Now I have to do something interesting I guess.  I chat with my husband on the weekend…I am fortunate enough to chat with him almost daily…most wives do not have that luxury…and I wish everyone in my situation could communicate with their deployed spouses.  I wash clothes…sometimes I go to the Mall (Hallway …you can see from one end of the Hall to the other…it has a Sears and a Dillard’s…that is it!) or I hang out with my Brother and Sister in Law.  That is it…OH..I go to the Commissary to shop (can’t get enough of that place). When I emailed the producer she gave me some idea about it, but not all.  They will be contacting me soon to let me know the specifics.  It will be a huge production because I live on this Post and they will need permission to come here with cameras.  It is even a possibility that they will be escorted by personnel from this Post.  I am scared shitless…I am very bad at meeting new people …worse at interviews…painfully shy around strangers.  So why am I subjecting myself to this??  I want my daughter and son to see that even if you are AFRAID (scared shitless in my case) of new situations…it is possible to overcome your fears and achieve anything. 
That and Momma told me she wouldn’t speak to me…LOL! 😀  Gotta love Momma!!
So…I have been busy after dealing with the crud that was given to me last week.  The young lady that gave me the crud has it again and of course she comes to my desk again.  I was armed with Lysol this time and everyone in the office was complaining that they didn’t like the smell.  Um??  Like I care!  I am the one with the continuous cold because everyone and their Mammy stops by my desk.  I say…deal!  I am not getting sick like that again!  104 degree fever is not my idea of a fun time on a Friday!
Anyway…I have been sticking to my Low Carb plan …not eating any Frankenfoods, just clean eating.  Protein, veggies, water, and exercise.  I feel better already!  I am so tired…I did Ultimate Abs with Billy tonight (and for the first time I got through the whole hour…GO ME!) and I need a shower and some rest.  I am still a little sick and I have to go to work a little early in the morning. 
Here is a picture of The Girl and her…ahem…Boyfriend.  A friend of her’s drew it for her and I promised my daughter I would share it with my four readers… 😀  It is really a cute drawing…

Later All!

One more thing…

…while illuminating fever (I swear I am glowing)…
I am trying to find something to watch (or to actually watch me while I pass out from this crud)  …I am trying to wonder how many times the movie channels will show Flightplan.  Don’t get me wrong…it is a great movie..but damn!  I no longer have to watch the movie, just listen and I see it in my mind.  That is the amount of times they have shown this movie.  I am paying way too much for DirectTV…seriously.
On a less bitchier note…I was able to find and destroy the 100 plus viruses (between two computers) tonight.  Sometimes when I am sick…solutions come to me!  WOOHOO!  I can now email and IM friends without the fear of infecting their computers.  I am this-close to being less grouchy.
OK…now I am REALLY going to sleep…even if that means I turn on Flightplan…again!

Still sick….

…and I feel like I am about to pitch my guts!!  That still doesn’t make me want candy any less.  I’m not gonna eat any…I’m a bad sick and just want the candy because it is a comfort food.  Sigh.  I still have to go into work tomorrow because I have things that need to get done.  That darn responsibility gene has kicked in…always does when I am considering calling out sick.
I didn’t go to Target…I didn’t workout…I didn’t even cook.  Thank God for Wendy’s and teens who would rather eat fast food than a home cooked meal.  I am thankful that Wendy’s carries Coke Zero instead of Diet Coke.  The elixir of the gods if you ask me!!  I am extremely thirsty…must be my fever.  I will find that person who was sick and I will return the favor and roll all over her desk tomorrow morning.  Since she was so willing to share “The Virus” with me I will share it back…I can’t be selfish with this crud.  🙁
I got an interesting call today…from someone who is interested in my life.  I look at my life and sometimes go…Eh!  What I write in my blog actually happens to me, BUT…when it is transferred from my real life to my written life it tends to come across as funny and whimsical.  Heh…trust me when I say it doesn’t seem funny to me when it is happening.  “A Day In A Life”…that makes me look at my days in my life and I can’t for the life of me see anything that inordinate about my life!  🙂  Oh well…I will see what happens later…I can’t talk about this…just because I’m really not sure if I can at this point.  Once I get more information…I will spill my guts.  Right now though…I really feel like pitching my guts so I will go and lie down.
I work to do and a COLD to retransmit to someone.  I have to give this lovely feeling back to its owner… 🙂


…I’m getting there anyway…and it sucks!!  Everytime an employee leaves this store looking bleary eyed, sneezing, feverish…they stop by me first and I SWEAR to God they rub every part of their body on my desk.  I have taken to having Lysol close at hand to try to protect myself.  I have Purell by the GALLONS…but…still…here I sit with my throat hurting, eyes all watery, chills, running nose…just feeling like crap.
Sigh…what am I to do about this??  Go to Target, of course!  I NEED a convection oven…tired of fighting the inevidible…I need this oven and as long as I know it is sitting in Target I will obsess over it.  So I will carry my sick infected with “The Virus” (that is what they are calling this crud) behind to Target and do some retail therapy.  🙂
sniff sniff…
cough cough…
illuminating fever…
Seriously…I do need something else.  My microwave has been faithful to me for eons…but the protective paint is flaking off the oven on the inside…THAT can’t be safe!  Really…so you see how I need a new oven. 
Yeah!  That is it…
Anyway…I am feeling good enough to go to Target, but I am considering skipping my workout today.  I’ll see what my mood is … 🙂

Oh Dear…

I done did it…I cheated on Billy and did a Firm workout.  I said that I wanted to incorporate weights to my workouts because I want to tone and firm.  I have to face it…I NEED TO TONE at my age.  So I have basically been trying to mix things up with my workouts to shock my body into doing something different.  My eating has been good as well…not gonna fix anything that isn’t broken.  🙂
I haven’t worked out with my Brother lately but that will change soon.  They are in the process of moving to a new place so I will not push him until after he is settled.  They found a great place with a sweet landlord…I am so happy for them.  I really believe that they have an Angel watching over them.  If you have EVER tried to rent a place in this city you would know what I am talking about…no one trusts anyone around here and you pretty much have to give a urine and blood sample so they can check out your DNA before they rent to you.  It is sad that things have come to such extremes these days.
Speaking of sad…my husband sent me this link:  Drill Sergeant Accused of Forcing Trainee to Dress as Superman, Submit to Sex Acts
FOX News

SIGH…I really have nothing more to say other than it is a shame that there are NCOs out there that make the Army look so bad.  It is bad enough with all the stuff going on about Walter Reed…now this story about this “Non-Commissioned Officer” comes out to further the disgrace.  There are so many good troops out there…unfortunately most of the times the bad stuff is the only thing that is reported.  Disgusting… 🙁
I have been busy at work…really busy!!  It is making the time go by faster so I am really not complaining that much.  Just when SpongeBob (one of the Supervisors there) starts in with me…I just breathe in and out…then imagine me using some Taebo moves on him.  🙂
I have more to say but I put in A Scanner Darkly and I suspect this is a movie that I have to watch from the beginning…
Later!! 🙂

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