….YOU know…I must have gotten a tattoo that says “TOY” and it is on my forehead. Only certain people can see this tattoo it seems. I have to go back to the parlor and have them correct this little problem that I have…because it seems the same idiots take me to play with.


I kid…I clown…but I DO NOT PLAY!! When I am asking foir something that is work related…please just give me what I am asking for and stop all the bullshit!
Last time I checked I am a grown woman…not a child…not a toy…not stupid…

I think I will kill Spongebob soon…that man is really getting on the last nerve that I have left in my body.

Dear Lord!!




  1. sister-in-law says:

    Just wanted you to know that Lou actually did exercise last night. He got up and started clearing everything out of the middle room and said that he was going to use that as his exercise room until the baby is born. He used the “Bo Tae” Ultimate Total Body Workout CD that you gave him. Although he only did the basic workout he stuck with it to the end. I was actually proud of him.

  2. Mama says:

    What are you fussing about? Someone bugged you at work? Doesn’t Dennis lil baby remind you of Lou when he was little? the pictures that is. We shall see what baby Lee will look like in a few more months, eh?

  3. Robin says:

    Yep…was fussing about work. The Administrator where I work gets on my last nerve. He does nothing all dday and pawns off lots of things that he should be doing on me. He has been acting pissy for the past two weeks and unlike in the past…I do not sit there and take it. So I vented it out here so I wouldn’t totally disrespect a GS-11…a whole 6 grades higher than me. I guess people forget that just because a person is NICE it doesnt make them a fool.

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