I’m also sitting here in a size 2 jeans that my minuscule sister in law gave me.  I know all about vanity sizing so before anyone says anything I am sure this is NOT a TRUE 2.  But you know what…to come from a size 18/20 (or bigger…I refused to buy anything else once those clothes got tight) and now today I am able to put a size 2 around my ass and look good in them…I gives a damn about a vanity size.  It still says 2 on my ass.   🙂
I’ll take that with open arms.  Now…to get in the 130’s in the next two weeks…
My original goal was 145…I am beyond that goal today.  I wonder if I will make another goal change once I get to 135. 
I woke up late this morning due to the power going off last night.  I know the power went off due to the blinking clock and the chirping of my smoke detectors.  That is driving me more batty than the rash that seems to be spreading across my lower back.  I didn’t get in a workout this morning so this evening I will either do Billy or go to the gym.  I was able to watch a video clip of the Advanced Moves of Taebo Amped.  I am getting hooked…it looks like it is an excellent workout.  There is also another one that he is coming out with…Celebrity Fit.  Billy Blanks is doing everything that he can to make me buy his new workouts.  Sigh…  I know I have it bad when I was actually considering getting information on Billy Blanks Jr. (yes he spawned a Mini Him)  and his Cardioke.  Cardioke is Cardio and Karaoke. 

If I get that DVD an intervention is in order.  I really will need to seek help.  🙂
Anyway, just checking in and posting.  I rarely weigh myself these days and tend to go by how my clothes fit and how I look.  I don’t know what crawled up my ass and made me decide to jump on the scale this morning.  At least I know I am making progress.  I still have the rash…it is driving me crazy and is now  going across my entire lower back.  Someone mentioned that I MAY be allergic to the jewelry that I have in my belly button.  Ah!  That could be the culprit since I do have somewhat sensitive skin, but it is surgical steel.  And why would I have a rash on my lower back ??  I will just have to do some investigating as to whether it is a food allergy or not.  In the meantime I will be buying stock in Benadryl. 



  1. 6packin6 says:

    The rash could be a fungal skin infection. I had one last summer from wearing a wet bathing suit too long, but you can get them from just working out for too long with sweat on your skin, etc. It’s basically like Athlete’s Foot, but on your skin somewhere else. I know it seems gross, but I asked my doctor and she said to get the typical over-the-counter athlete’s foot cream and use it, and it worked. Good luck!

  2. Mama says:

    You’ve got athlete’s ass. That is funny but you need to go to a dermatologist if you have a fungus. I had one on my foot and hand and it just got bigger and worse. Lou said you and the kids were sick? Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Remember what happened to me at your age. Be careful of depression. You may be depressed so watch the eating routine. Don’t make me come there and kick your butt if you know what I mean. I know you better than anybody else. You know about the feelings.

  3. Robin says:

    Leave it up to me to get athlete’s ass. Ma…you are so crazy!! 🙂 I looked it up and it does happen…BUT I do shower right after exercising. No need to worry about me…the exercise is taking care of the depression. I am eating like a horse so there is no anorexia going on…besides I can’t see myself NOT eating. I would probably start gnawing on my own arm after a few hours. I made shrimp etouffe this evening and I will have it over some veggies tonight. I don’t want my momma kicking my butt because you would definitely win…whether or not I know Taebo or anything else…you would definitely win. Start worrying if I say that I have stopped being healthy and I start writing odes to M&Ms and Hennessey…that is when you can tell that I am depressed. I am doing something for myself for the first time since I got married. This has nothing to do with The Hero …strictly me looking at myself in the mirror…got tired of feeling sorry for myself…had a vision of me having diabetes or heart disease…decided that I wanted to be around for a long time so I can threaten my own daughter when she gets to my age. 🙂

  4. waistloss says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! Now we need pics of you in those jeans!!
    As far as the rash goes, do you work out on a mat? If so, you might need to disinfect it. that might be where it’s coming from.

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