…finally got my chili.  Lord that was good…I found a great recipe and modified it to my dietary needs…(took out the beansI HATE beans anyway so they weren’t missed by me)…and I was in heaven.  This is something that I think I will take to work tomorrow.  I added Unsweetened Cocoa (something I highly recommend if you are making chili)…not alot but just enough to give it a smooth taste.  Instead of jalepenos I added dried Chile Pequin (just a few…not crushed…whole added while the flavors were coming together…gave it a little “kick”).   I forgot just how easy chili is to make…ground meat, onions, bell pepper, celery, cumin, chili powder, cinnamin, salt, pepper, unsweetened cocoa, chili peppers, and stewed tomatoes.  It seems like a lot but when it is all chopped and put together it is just a matter of the flavors blending.  This turned out to be the best chili I have attempted in a long time.  The kids enjoyed some over rice with some sour cream…I had a bowl without the rice.  It is great to know that I can still enjoy some things going low carb.  I threw in a Mexican Salad (with eggs, advocados, cheese…yum) and I have a great meal.  I am thinking I will make this for Kellie and Lou when they come by for our “date night” on Friday.  “Date night”  is them coming by on Friday…I cook and then we watch 1 vs 100…yep…that is fun for us!!
I think I will take some time off from exercise today…just want to wrap myself up in a blanket and enjoy the warmth in my belly.



  1. Robin says:

    I was worried because everytime I attempt chili it comes out watery. Not this time…and it is hotter the next day. I am hating life right now…I am eating this for lunch…

  2. waistloss says:

    I make a great bowl of chili myself. You might want to crumble a few handfuls of tortilla chips in the pot when you start cooking. This keeps it from being watery. If you really want to kick up the flavor, try toasting the dried chiles and whole cumin seed in a cast iron pot. Then put them in a blender, food processor or old coffee grinder to make your own fresh chili powder. The flavor will be so much different than the stuff in a jar.

  3. Robin says:

    That sounds wonderful…if I had more time I would have done just that…I know what fresh chili powder tastes like. It was hotter today for lunch and I forgot to mention that I added garlic. I am always worried whenever I make something by taste instead of following a recipe. I am just happy that it was low carb and delicious at the same time…

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