Team Wondertwin…

😀 Last night Lou and I did Taebo together. After looking at the different workouts we settled on doing the Advanced Live one from the original set. Lou surprised me…he got through the entire workout. There was some issue with learning the moves (that can be remedied by him doing the Basic workout a couple of times) but he did the entire thing. Not bad for someone who has been idle for almost 8 months. It felt good doing Billy with someone else…it motivates me to continue on and I realize that I am not the only one that talks to the television. I was able to do the workout in carpet (I miss carpeting) and I got a good sweat on because their house is not like a tomb. I hope he got the Taebo bug in him because if he incorporates Billy into his routine he should see results fairly quickly. He just has to get past the workout gear that Bill sports on some of his routines…it takes a minute to get used to seeing a man in shiny spandex…but it can happen. I am planning on doing an ab workout today while dinner is cooking. I will not bother Lou to workout today because he is just getting back into the swing of things. He just doesn’t realize how much he has renewed my commitment to staying fit. That two week hiatus from exercise really made me lazy and it was getting harder to stay focused and motivated. So…even if he decides that he is tired of being exercise king….it was fun to be a part of the Wondertwins.
I am thinking about getting a shirt that says “LOU’S BIG SIS” and wear it when we go to the gym together. We got funny looks when we walked in together to use the elliptical. This town is small and I think that most people don’t realize that Lou has a Big Sis in town. I had to ask Lou if this certain man KNEW that he has a sister. The cross-eyed look was really funny…but no matter…we got our sweat on and I felt wonderful afterwards.
I am having a craving for chili. I mean it has become ridiculous…so that is what I will throw together while I am doing my ab workout. So hungry right now….I had McDonald’s last night and that was a big mistake. It is almost like my body is allergic to fast food (high in carbs fast food)…it rejected it almost immediately. I feel empty now and like I chowed down on Drano instead of the cherished food of my youth. Never again…even though I will miss the Clown food dearly.
Off to cook and sweat…later!!


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  1. waistloss says:

    It’s always better for me when I have someone to workout with. You can push each other and you don’t want to quit on your partner.

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