…I’m hungry.  I work in the Commissary (a GROCERY STORE) and there is nothing to eat and YES I KNOW that sounds crazy.  🙂  But…I’m hungry, my legs are sore, my arms are sore…pheh!  This evening after work I will be stopping by my My Bro’s house with a fire wire so he can add music to a MP3 player.  I want him to have something to listen to JUST in case we run out of things to say to each other.  Yeah…like that would ever happen.  I talk and talk and talk…believe it or not my brother talks more than me!!  We really never run out of things to say to each other.  I just want him to have some music to listen to so he can “put some serious on his face“. 🙂  That is something that Billy said during one of the workouts I was doing and it struck me as funny.  I try to ignore that statement because every time I hear it I think of a compact with the word SERIOUS stenciled on the cover.  Yes…I know that is the silliest thing in the world.
Anyway…I am still hungry (like being stranded in the ocean and dying of thirst…water everywhere but you can’t drink it), my arms and legs still hurt, and I am still sitting here grumbling.  I guess I will get some Tyson baked chicken breasts…only 2 carbs for 2 big breasts.  I just don’t feel like explaining WHY I am eating chicken for breakfast.
I will be posting the 5 day PT Program that I will be doing with my brother.  We discussed changing it here and there to make it our own…but it will basically be the same workout.  I am also excited about my new MP3 player and the awesome playlist that I came up with…I may even share the titles of what I am jamming to while I am sweating.
Just a question…I know that people say that running is good…but I have weak ankles and knees.  Yesterday I “ran” 2.6 miles in 30 minutes on the Ellipitical.  Would that be considered the same on the treadmill??  I use the Precor (THE BEAST!!)and it has hills/ramps/resistance…the model I used was the Precor 576i (I think…it should be the number of the Beast!!  Evil.)  I am just wondering if I am getting the same benefits of running using the elliptical instead of the treadmill.
I started to ramble again (A RESULT OF STARVING) so I am off to get something to eat.



  1. Mama says:

    Iam glad that Lou will be working with you. I like the name for the new boo. Tell Lou to try the lo cal bread or the lo carb one that should help with the carbs. I am a carb person too so I use the above two daily. I also use south beach, atkins, and pria bars as snacks.
    Love Ma

  2. Mama says:

    You get the nutrients from the bars and don’t have to take vitamins. The doctor told me this.
    Love Ma

  3. Kellie (Sister-in-Law) says:

    Lou prefers the elliptical over the treadmill. When I went to the gym with him I noticed that I wasn’t in pain after a few minutes of using the machine. Usually on a treadmill my ankles start hurting and so do my knees; but, I do have very weak ankles. Also since I was able to work out longer I actually built up a sweat and felt like I really worked out. Also there is lower impact to the joints on an elliptical as opposed to a treadmill. Check out this site it talks about the elliptical machines. (
    And good luck with Lou tonight I actually think he is a little excited about going work out.

  4. Robin says:

    🙂 It is not necessary to exercise to be part of the clan. This is something that my brother and I have been wanting to do for a long time. Baby Brother was always athletic…never gaining weight and was involved in every sport. He got into the Army…got broken, then got married and happy…so he has become a little fluffy over the years. It was really fun exercising with him and he helps me continue on since I don’t want to be one upped by Baby Brother. 🙂

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