Nice Difference

I went to the gym to see what I would do with Lou tomorrow.  I got on the Precor Elliptical and it was a nice change from doing just Taebo.  I did the weight loss program to see how hard it works the body.  I am in better shape than I thought because I could have gone much longer than the 30 minutes that was preset with the program.  At the end I discovered that I could add more time to the program if I wanted to so I think I will add 10 minutes each week until I am up to an hour.  I already asked the people at the desk if there was a time limit on the machines…he let me know that as long as the Gym was dead (and it was…the New Years Resolution people have thinned out) I could stay on for the whole hour.  I think I will start off with cardio at first and then do the weights.  I will need to have my brother there with me because there are so many different ways to lift weights in that Gym I was getting thoroughly confused.  I went to each different room and the exercises that I needed to do required that I have a spotter.  Since most of the people in the weight rooms are guys and the majority of them are in their own worlds I felt funny asking someone for a spot.  I also didn’t want to embarrass myself and have weights drop on my head or chest so I did what I could and I also located the Gravitron and used that for dips and pullups.  I hope my brother likes the workouts and has fun with me.  It is a bit boring in the Gym alone…even with music blaring in the ears.  I think I will leave the floorwork for at home…do some pushups and crunches in the privacy of my home.  At least I will be productive while watching television.  🙂
I talked to Kellie and we both said that maybe we could wean Lou off the carbs gradually instead of him going cold turkey.  Kellie cooks healthy enough…maybe it is just the quantity of food instead of the quality.  Low carb isn’t for everyone and I know this so I will leave the eating up to Lou…just happy that he will go with me to the Gym and I will have someone to chat with while I am sweating buckets.
I can’t wait!! 
Now…as far as buying the New Taebo I am still undecided.  I figure if I am that unsure about getting the program I should wait and see the reviews.  I always end up going back to the older workouts in the end.  I have a state of the art gym available to me so I might as well use it for the next 6 months. 
Need to eat something….Later!!

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