Can't Make Up My Mind…

…I am not sure if I want to order the new Taebo or not.  I hate when I get this way…I will obsess over the damned system and when I get it I will use it once or twice and then never use it again.  Sigh…I am just adding up in my head how much I will be shelling out for the system (almost $100.00) and what if I hate it??  I hated one other Taebo DVD…and that was literally thrown under the Saturn.  I felt crappy and I only paid 14.95 for that DVD.  Not sure what I want to do…still looking in vain for a review or something that isn’t generated by Billy’s website.  Not that I don’t trust Bill…but I do want an honest opinion before I shell out that amount of money.
I decided that I will go over to the gym today.  I want to see if I still have the stamina for the elliptical trainer.  There is no use for me to g to the gym and then poop out after 10 minutes on the machine.  There is a difference between doing aerobic kickboxing and using the Precor Weight Loss program.  They are both two different animals….
Dinner…well to be honest with you I am not hungry at all.  The joy of Induction…lack of appetite.  That is a good thing for me since I was hating life yesterday with all the sugar alcohols passing through my system.  LORD!  I cannot stress just how NOT COOL it is to deal with the pain and distress afterwards.  The hours of pain and gas that I went through last night was so not worth the couple of minutes of what I thought was satisfaction.  UGH!
I went off track there for a minute…sorry.  I have the Girl charging up the MP3 player for me…I will do 30 minutes of cardio and then do the weights.  The actual exercise portion is a PT workout (I am not nor have I ever been in the Army…not planning on acting like it either)  and I am TRYING to avoid doing the pushups at all costs.  This is mostly for my brother to do in the mornings, or on days that he really doesn’t want to travel a half hour to the Gym.  The workout that I posted below is just day one…it is a five day program with different exercises for different body parts.  I think I will post the entire workout and let you guys see it.  I need to know what guys think of this workout.  I know how I feel about this PT plan…I like everything except for the pushups.  I swear there are more pushups than the law allows.  🙂
I am going to straighten up around here some and get home.  Still gonna ponder what in the heck to have for dinner…should be interesting whatever I decide…

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