Well Now…

..I have to say that I am BACK!! Just completed Advanced Live 2…it kicked my ass, but not as much as it was kicking my ass after a night of drinking. There was a reason that I wasn’t drinking all this time. It definitely affects my workouts…big time. Tonight was the first workout done without any alcohol in my system and I made it through with little problems.  There were pushups…lots of damned pushups…the Jerk! I still realize my age when I am punching and kicking, but it sure feels good to do all of this without feeling sore. I will look at the past two weeks as me healing my joints and muscles. Yeah…that is exactly what I will do. I will not look at this as me being lazy or anything like that…yep!
I haven’t gotten on the scale so I have no idea where I am today weight wise. I was called “Skinny” at work today and a lot of people were asking me just how much I have lost and when I would stop. I give them a round about number of what I “think” I lost and then I tell them that I will stop when I am finished. I get strange looks at that remark. It is the truth…when I am done then I will stop the weight loss process. I will not let others dictate to me when I should stop losing weight…I did that before and I ended up gaining back everything and then some. This part of my journey will be focused on exercise more than “trying” to lose any more pounds. I just want to tone up and look good with the now various tattoos that I have on my body. Nothing worse than being saggy and having a tattoo. I did get another one during this past two weeks…once again I am getting strange looks. I want people to know what they are looking at and not have to stare and then ask what the heck is that black mark on my skin. LOL…no matter to me, but I was told that maybe I was going through my mid life crisis. Me?? Nah…I just like the results of my efforts and to be honest I was always worried about what others would think if they saw me with ink. Finally…at my age now…I really don’t care what anyone thinks. My latest tat is a tribal dragon (very feminine) and it honestly makes me feel empowered. That is all that matters…I like it and I have to wear it. I am even considering (gasp) getting my belly button pierced since I now have a belly button worth looking at and not having to cover the eyes. That will be motivation enough to stay in shape.
I have been rambling on…sorry but it has been a while since I could get online. The past two weeks have been me eating not quite clean…drinking some alcohol…and minimum exercise. It was worth it…I am rested and ready to continue on reshaping my body.
I need to go and lie down…it is good to be back to my old routine.



  1. Robin says:

    I put it up…you can see the tribal panther and the other one on my flickr account. I will be uploading some pics that my daughter took as well tonight. I can only do so much from work! 🙂 When I get the belly button piercing I will (gasp) show that one as well…I can only live once. I might as well do the stuff that I have always wanted… 🙂

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