Since the husband is leaving very soon I decided to go back to Induction Level carbs this weekend so I will be pleasant to be around once I go back to work next week. I am sitting here with a headache that would drop an elephant. Dammit!! If it wasn’t for the fact that I KNOW that this is the process of me detoxing from all the carbs in my system I would stop this crap now. There is no hunger…just a headache from Hell. This week should be an interesting one for me…going back to reality of working and living day to day as a single Mom…low carbing and exercising…dammit. I totally realize just how much easier it is when the spouse is around… the next 6 months will drag by. I guess this is one of the drawbacks of R&R…you get used to having your soldier around and then it is time for them to leave again.
Where is the damned ADVIL!!



  1. Robin says:

    It is good to be back…I missed y’all. Things are looking okay on the homefront…so I am glad that I focused on my marriage. This was almost like a two week marriage retreat. Some days I wanted to eat every Chee-Wee in the state of AZ…others I maintained control. I guess the husband isn’t the big trigger that I thought he would be…
    Be on the lookout for whining Billy posts since I didn’t really do any Taebo while I was working on reconciling. 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    BUT…he is still here and I am stressing with dealing with the departure again. I am drinking a glass of white wine. I know…Bad Robin!! It is better than shots of Hennesay… 🙂

  3. fatsavage says:

    A glass?
    Fat Savages never worry until there is a major damage done to the second bottle. Speaking of damages, I’ve yet to see a damage report on your blogawol.
    (Blog AWOL)

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