…that is what Taebo is for me.  I am more grounded these days since I decided to punch and kick out all those bad feelings.  I never felt this good while I was on Vitamin P (something that I am convinced the Army doctors prescribe to those nervous Military Wives with deployed husbands) and the side effect of Taebo is worlds better than Prozac.  On the Prozac/Zoloft/Effexor (take your pick they were changing it like I changed underwear) I gained more than 50 pounds, had a high tolerance to alcohol (could drink and drink and for some reason not get drunk), became addicted to the slots (on one of them it did say you could develop another dependency…alcoholism…gambling…I didn’t believe that until one day I noticed I had been sitting in front of the slot machine for over 4 hours) craved sugary/ starchy foods, and basically didn’t give a feck.  I could be on fire and I would probably look at the flame and go “Ohhh…pretty colors!”  There really wasn’t any person that I could talk to, the person that prescribed the drugs was a General Practitioner so when I told him I couldn’t sleep he pulled out the drug book and the experiments on the crazy Army wife began.  I don’t deny that if I was seeing a someone who qualified in treating depression I would have probably been given something that would have worked for me.  I decided to stop taking the medication because I got more depressed from the side effects of the pills.  Yeah…I could sleep and my marriage issues were not up front in my mind but that was now replaced by getting fat and drinking/gambling too much.  To me the trade off was too much…to be a fat, depressed, alcoholic, gambling Army Wife was just too much.  I would rather deal with my anger towards my spouse the old fashioned way.  Get pissed and deal.
So that is what I am doing two years later…getting pissed…taking it out on Billy and doing Taebo.  The getting pissed and physical activity has definitely help me deal.  Just saying…I read somewhere that exercise fights depression…I haven’t had a black period since I started to eat right and do exercise.  Taebo has really helped with that as well…I envision the object of my anger standing in front of me as I am kicking and punching.  Trust me…someone’s ass has been kicked many times over since I have started Taebo.  It feels good and I am losing weight rapidly as a result. 🙂  Billy is always saying look deep down inside yourself, believe in yourself and you can do anything.  Truer words couldn’t have been spoken…even if he said them to make us buy more of his workouts.  At this point I am stronger physically and mentally than I have ever been…and also…for the first time I am genuinely happy with myself.  No pill will ever give me that…
Just finished doing Taebo Total Advanced 1…worked my abs until it feels like they are on fire.  This time I am hungry…right now I am patiently waiting for my veggies to steam and my crab cakes to cook…
Since I have all this energy I think I will get a couple of chores done…no work tomorrow!



  1. Justin V says:

    First let me thank you for stopping my my blog and for the kind words. Secondly, I would like to say that I was touched by your post.
    I’m glad that you have found, a positive outlet for what seems to be/have been some of your darkest and hardest days of life. It takes a lot of courage and strength, to do and overcome what you have done.
    Glad your new friend Billy is working out pretty well.

  2. fatsavage says:

    Good idea to avoid the drugs – while you can. I developed chronic pain about 10 years ago and my Doctor gave me a medicine that killed the pain and my libedo too. His answer was that things that effect your mind can have strange side effects so either live without sex or live with the pain.
    For a Fat Savage that was a no-brainer. Thank god we had better luck choosing my blood pressure medicine or I’d be dead by now.
    He also suggested I might diet and lose 50 pounds and excercise but I ignored that part of his advice for 10 years.
    Glad to read your well again.

  3. waistloss says:

    It is awesome that you found an activity that can calm your mind and give you a little peace. And it helps you lose weight in the process? Sweet!
    My therapy is cooking and mainly BBQ. Sometimes I BBQ and just put it in the freezer. I think a big part of it is just hanging out on the balcony and tending the fire. I am so into it now that I compete on the BBQ circuit. Maybe you’ll see me on the food channel one day! Until then you can check out my pics and recipes at The Survival Gourmet

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