Seeing Things…

Okay…does anyone else see the little smiley face on the right hand side of my blog?? It is located by You Said next to the comment posted by Fat Savage. I have seen this little critter before and it is driving me batty. Sometimes it is there…sometimes it isnt. If you see it please let me know…just so I will know that I do not have to get my prescription changed on my glasses!!
I know…I said that I would workout…I’m getting there… 🙂
***FOUND THE ANSWER!!  At least I know I am not crazy.  It is a way for wordpress to track stats or whatever on the blog.  I kept thinking it was something that I did to make that little critter appear.  Once again I’m being simple…*** 


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  1. fatsavage says:

    🙂 Actually it’s the Fat Savage Try
    : colon
    – dash
    ) parentheses in a row with no spaces on a response
    Also try 😉 (hint semicolon)
    Hope all goes well – still missing your blogs.

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