Here they are…two hard core Saints Fans!! My Baby Bro Lou and The Boy!! They look serious, almost like they are the ones that were going on the field. Dare I say it?? A mere utterance?? Could the Saints actually make it to the *gasp* SUPERBOWL?? I never thought that I would experience anything like that in my lifetime. Wow! Strange things are happening people…I was able to stick to a diet plan and lose weight, The Girl has a B average in school, my son is interested in something other than computers and girls, and now…THE SAINTS COULD BE IN THE SUPERBOWL!! Everyone thought I was MAD when I said that this was the year for our team to do it. Now it seems it could happen after all…my all seeing third eye is NEVER wrong. GEAUX SAINTS!!! You guys are DA BOMB!!
Okay…now that is out of my system…I am off to workout. So far I absolutely ADORE my new old tapes. I am feeling the workouts…pretty soon I will be HOTT enough to sport a bikini! Hey! If the Saints can make the Superbowl then this mother of teenagers COULD wear a bikini and not cause mass blindness.
**Edited to add…Just found out that Prince is playing the Superbowl (I know I must be late acquiring this info) so even if the Saints don’t make the game I will so be there watching the Superbowl just to see the show the Prince will put on.  I never thought THAT would happen in my life time either…strange days people…strange days indeed!!** 

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