There is finally a link to Taebo Amped. I have a picture to share of what it looks like…

To me the bar still looks like The Club…but now that I know I can pre-order the series now I want it. Go Here
…if you are interested in getting more info on Taebo Amped. It is less than I thought it would be…Lord knows I don’t need another workout collection. But…it has interested me…



  1. Kellie (Sister-in-Law) says:

    Hey Robin you are soooo right!!!! That thing does look like the club.

  2. Olivia says:

    When I saw this picture originally I thought, oh baton twirling, must be a new addition to Billy’s routine, of course?!?

  3. Mama says:

    You have got to read King’s book Cell. I read it in less than 2 days. You will really enjoy it. It’s in paper back now.
    P.S. Dad wants to join the weight loss challenge on discovery. I am walking 3 miles now with Leslie, the cheery biatch. I asked daddy if he wants to lose his non-existing ass. He looks good but is still you know what. He reminds of this commercial where the wife said the husband wanted to lose weight so he stop drinking soda and lost 15 lbs while she lost 1 lb. Then he stopped eating bread and lost 30 more. She stopped eating bread for 2 years AND NEVER LOST A POUND. He exercised and she asked him him he wanted to weigh zero.

  4. Robin says:

    HA HA!! I have that one in hardcover and I read it as well. Now you see why I am not that concerned about a cell phone. I joined the challenge on discovery health…why does he want to lose more weight?? I wonder about Daddy…GOOD FOR YOU MAMA…I can’t stand Leslie anymore…she is just too godammned happy all the time and she doesn’t sweat like a normal person. Are you using the weights as well?? I have the 3 pound and 4 pound weight balls here. Maybe if you visit us soon you can get the weights and use those…I know you are getting stronger with each workout.
    Doing insane manic cleaning…gonna call you guys this evening after work. Can you believe that I finished EVERYTHING in one day?? Did you get the pic of Lou and Jay??

  5. Robin says:

    Waist…I think it is used to hit the televison, knock yourself in the head, or if you arent as flexible as most (like me) use it as a bat instead of kicking. I don’t know…my spidey sense is telling me that I will not use this workout very much. I usually go with what my “third eye” tells me. It will be found in my son’s room (he is doing something like lifting weights) or my daughther will use it as a baton (just like Olivia mentioned) because I know she wants to learn. It isn’t 59.95 but 39.95…but I am sure shipping and handling will kill you since the bar by itself is 3lbs…

  6. Robin says:

    WHOA…NOW THE SPIDEY SENSE IS REALLY TINGLING!! I just went to the site to see how much the S/H woud be and they require your email address and details (including your credit card number) BEFORE you get a total. I need to investigate to see how much the S/H will be to Huachuca (I swear it seems like it is more here…I think Huachuca is the equivilent of Jupiter with the added gravity and things weighing more). NOT COOL…asking for your details…your credit card information and a button saying BUY NOW without seeing the total price first. I would suggest waiting until the set is offered at Collage Video. They don’t do business like this… GRR!

  7. Mama says:

    I got their picture. I forgot to tell you. Jorge should be coming soon, eh? I tried some prevention tapes but I think I’ll stick with Leslie for a little while longer til I can breathe thru the new ones. Dee and I were laughing our butts off. Dee kept saying she was going her own pace and I said why buy the disc? LOL I was sweating and huffing and puffing til I thought I was the big bad wolf trying to blow the lil pigs house down. LOL
    Love you,

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