They're Here!!

WOOHOO!!  My new “old” taebo tapes finally got here…4 new Advanced workouts named Taebo Total.  I’m gonna test drive one and see what I think…I hope I am not disappointed.  I probably won’t be, but stranger things have happened.  I didn’t think that I would find a Billy workout that I would want to roll over with the Saturn…and I did (duckwalks and all).  🙂  I am off to sweat and report back later.
My eating has been really good…low carbing has helped with my PMS cravings big time.  Usually around this time I am literally tearing up the kitchen looking for something to snack on.  My cold is becoming a memory…I am still coughing at night and I wake up feeling crappy in the morning, but during the day I feel better and can get stuff accomplished.
There was a young lady at work that I in-processed a couple of months ago…I haven’t seen her since she is mostly a night person.  She saw me in the break room and asked me what happened to the secretary that she met when she first started.  I looked at her with the Dog Looking at the Answering Machine look and told her “Nothing…I’m still here!”  She looked at me and said “OMG!  You look so different now…I didn’t recognize you!!”  Hmmm…so I look like a different person now.  She told me that I looked older and much bigger before…I guess I can take that as a compliment.  But I am wondering how big I actually was and how old I looked??  😀  Little things like this keep me on track with low carbing and Taebo.
Off to sweat…I can’t miss the new Top Chef episode that is coming on soon.  I am SO addicted to that show!!

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